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Digital Media Showcase 2021

Digital Media Showcase 2021

May 11, 2021

Join us for Drexel Digital Media's 2021 Showcase on Sunday, May 23 at 1:00 p.m. ET/10:00 a.m. PT streaming via YouTube Live! The stream features live presentations by 13 senior project teams from the Animation & Visual Effects, Game Design & Production, and Interactive Digital Media programs, along with members from the College of Computing and Informatics. See the results of year-long capstone efforts by almost 100 students creating animations, games, mobile applications, and social media projects. This YouTube event also highlights recent projects from Digital Media graduate students and underclassmen, as well as our thriving community of student organizations.

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Afiye desktop screengrab 


Afiye is a digital home for families to stay connected by sharing media of cherished events, better preserving and viewing their connections in the form of interactive user uploaded images, image albums and documents.

Ask the Undead Fence Shot

Ask the Undead, by Team Egg Salad

"Ask the Undead" is a colorful animated short about two friends searching for a mythical cure all medicine in the woods until they get separated by an evil spirit.

Cosmic Engine Promo Image

Dayfarers, by Cosmic Engine

Fight and outsmart brutal opponents in the turn-based combat game Dayfarer! Stats aren't the main focus here; it’s your ability to travel through time. If the battle isn't going the way you want, go back in time to an older turn and try something new. With different timelines and unique character abilities, you can beat any foe that stands in your way!

Team Toy Box banner

Dungeons & Stuffing, by Toy Box

"Dungeons & Stuffing" is a 3D animated short about two uncooperative and unruly Heroes going on a campaign crafted by the narrator.

Fighter Robo graphic

Fighter Robo, by Team Fighter Robo

In this mixed 3D and 2D animated short, Ava and Robo, a household helper robot, enter a robot fighting exhibition match to win the prize money so they can afford their grandfather's medical treatment. If Robo can survive 30 seconds in the ring against the robot fighting champion Atlas they can win the prize of $1,000,000 from the exhibition host and Alta's partner, Menoetius.

Growing press shot

Growing, by HeartScape Studio

In Growing, you awaken as a small sunflower. Your caretakers are missing, and you have a funny feeling the lurking cat, watching your every move, has a paw in this. Using your magical sunflower skills, only you can traverse the towering furniture and save the day. Jump over chairs, swing across tables, and mind the gap—the kitchen floor is actually lava!

Mimzo Cave computer shot

La Fabuleuse Histoire Du Mimzo, by Team Mimzo

"La Fabuleuse Histoire Du Mimzo" (The Fabulous Story of Mimzo) is a 3D animated short that follows the journey of Mimzo, a mysterious creature who finds himself lost in the winter mountains in search for belonging.

Space Camp typing flower screen grab

Light Years Apart, by Space Camp

Light Years Apart” is a 3D animated short about family and space, but most importantly about the sacrifices we make for the ones we love.

Not on the List graphic

Not on the List, by Rhythmic Renders

"Not on the List" is a stylized 2.5D animated short where two strangers work together to solve a surreal mystery in a bizarre nightclub.

Rockhopper promo image

Rockhopper, by Lone Buoy Games

Rockhopper is an oceanic open world game where you set off on a journey as a penguin that can’t swim. Explore this charming yet funny world to uncover hidden secrets and gems as you strive to prove yourself to your people. Use your fishing rod, and your boat to get around and interact with the world. Seek out different islands, complete different challenges, and fish around for a good time in Rockhopper.

Treblen Bass art promo

,Treble & Bass

Treble & Bass is a sandbox where you can create and play with music in a digital sea by spawning singing fish, each species with their own instrument, and sound altering props, each one with their own special effect. Starting in construction mode, you swim, place props, and spawn fish. Then you can hop into a sub and swim around with the fishies, listening to their music in a new perspective!

Uprooted graphic

Uprooted, by Molehill

Morton, a middle-aged flower vendor must face his fears in order to save the life of a baby who mysteriously turned up in his mole village. In order to get the baby back home, they must traverse the underground world, avoiding a hungry snake who wants to make the baby her lunch.

XLAnt promo image

Vivarium, by XL-Ant Studios

In Vivarium, players command a squadron of insect soldiers to defeat armies of wild bugs. Vivarium has a lot of combat mechanics common to strategy games as well as a few new mechanics of its own. For example, each weapon in Vivarium has its own mechanic that players can use to create new game states and solve problems.