The Investment Office manages financial assets for the endowment with guidance from the Investment Committee of the Drexel University Board of Trustees. The Investment Office's primary objective is to support the University's overall mission by achieving the highest long-term total return on investment assets that is compatible with the University's risk tolerance.

Investment Approach

  • Thoughtfully monitor the endowment's asset allocation policy to support future portfolio growth so the endowment can continue to give back to the University over time.
  • Cultivate relationships with investment managers who operate using strong judgement under the highest ethical standards.
  • Research and evaluate economic and market trends to maximize the long-term fundamental value of our investments, rather than focusing on short-term benchmark performance.
  • Support and endorse the efforts of the Dragon Fund, a student-run equity portfolio, by creating awareness of the Dragon Fund in the investment community, engaging alumni and working closely with students in the LeBow College of Business to create real-world learning opportunities.
  • Engage future investors by employing current students through Drexel's co-op program.
  • Provide counsel on planned development acquisitions held in the endowment portfolio, such as the development of Schuylkill Yards.

Investment Impact

  • The Drexel University endowment has delivered annualized returns of +8.3 percent since inception in 1991.
  • The Dragon Fund is one of the top-performing investments in the portfolio, returning 11.5 percent annually since the fund began in 2007.
  • Directed endowment funds provide students with opportunities to excel, ease the financial burden for high-performing applicants in need, recognize faculty for their commitment to higher education, and support researchers to achieve groundbreaking discoveries that benefit humankind.
  • Steadfast guidance and innovative ideation from the Board of Trustees Investment Committee further solidify investment decisions that are most beneficial to the University.

Contact Us

For best consideration, prospective managers should email information to

Note: The email address is only for inquiries related to the Chief Investment Officer and the Investment Office. You can find contact information for the Chief Information Officer on Drexel IT’s website.

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Catherine Ulozas

Chief Investment Officer, Senior Vice President, Investment
3141 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Matthew DeAngelo, Managing Director & Deputy Chief Investment Officer
Chi Nguyen, Senior Investment Analyst
Patrick Gabor, Endowment Operations Manager
Stephen Chase, Investment Analyst