About Finance and Administrative Services

Welcome to the Office of the Executive Vice President, Treasurer and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Drexel University.

Providing leadership for the Division of Finance and Administrative Services, we are responsible for the financial management of the assets of Drexel University and all of the University’s auxiliaries in accordance with government regulations and University policy and procedures, as well as critical functions and services that support and advance Drexel’s living, learning and working environment.

Our role of strategic financial planning and oversight includes all accounting, cash management and reporting functions, as well as planning and administration of the University's operating and capital budgets and the administration of the University’s endowment and investments. Additionally, we are the primary liaison for all university banking relationships and the rating agencies.

Our responsibilities also include the following administrative and business functions: business services, compliance and privacy, internal audit, institutional equity and inclusive culture, facilities and real estate, human resources, information technology, and public safety. Additionally, we support the University Board of Trustees Audit, Buildings and Properties, Finance and Human Resources, and Investment committees.

We take our role as stewards of the University’s financial health and well being very seriously, and we are proud to support Drexel’s educational mission and its students and staff with our commitment to the highest standards of service and ethics. We strive to support the academic and research goals and objectives of the entire University, and enjoy being a major part of the Drexel University team.