Compliance, Policy and Privacy Services

Providing services in three distinct yet related disciplines, Compliance, Policy and Privacy Services functions in partnership with Drexel University management to anticipate and aggressively manage operational, financial, compliance, strategic and reputational risks; ensure the integrity of Drexel University's systems of internal control; and ensure strong stewardship and management accountability at all levels.

Services Provided

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM): Coordinates and staffs the ERM Committee for the co-chairs.

Privacy Program: Addresses the important patient privacy rights, data security and breach response accountabilities encountered in the performance of the clinical, educational and research missions of Drexel University, in addition to providing HIPAA privacy support to Drexel University's clinical practices and research faculty.

Compliance Program: Provides education, auditing and monitoring of the regulatory environment for the third-party funded clinical enterprise. Manages the Conflict of Interest program and the confidential phone and web-based hotline.

Policy Compliance: Official University Policies support the integrity and fulfillment of Drexel University’s mission, values, operations and reputation by setting expectations and clarifying best practices for the University community, managing institutional risk, and promoting compliance with laws and regulations at the local, state and federal level.

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Kim Gunter

Vice President and University Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer
Office of Compliance, Policy and Privacy Services
1505 Race Street
Bellet Building,13th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102