Real Estate and Facilities

Real Estate and Facilities is responsible for the planning, design and construction, plant operations, environmental health and safety, real estate and space management and transportation services for Drexel University's three campuses: University City, Center City and Queen Lane.

Through development and oversight of design and construction guidelines, Real Estate and Facilities improves the aesthetic character and visual unity of Drexel's campuses while meeting academic programmable space needs. The department provides maintenance services (cleaning, landscaping, utilities, conservation programs, safety and emergency response, preventive maintenance, waste removal, recycling, etc.) as cost effectively as possible, while aiming to implement proven sustainable practices. The Office of Lease Management manages the University's real estate portfolio and, in consultation with the Office of the General Counsel, reviews and recommends for approval all lease agreements.

Real Estate and Facilities strives to support instruction and research, improve the quality of life and enhance the public image of campus facilities while creating and sustaining an environment that will attract, keep and support the best and brightest students, faculty and professional staff.

Alan Greenberger headshot

Alan Greenberger

Vice President, Real Estate and Facilities
3330 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104