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LinkedIn Resources

LinkedIn is an important networking tool for students to use at any point in their college career to connect to professionals in their chosen field of study.

If you don't have a LinkedIn profile, you should make one immediately. There are a few key aspects of LinkedIn you should be familiar with once you've filled out your profile:

  • LinkedIn for Students – Resources to help you discover new career paths and provide insights on planning for your career.
  • Groups Directory – There are many groups of people who work or are interested in your chosen field. View this directory to find and join pertinent groups and get connected.
  • Messages – You can send a direct message to a contact with whom you're connected from your LinkedIn Messaging page, your Connections page, or the person’s profile page. In order to message someone with whom you aren't connected, you'll need to be have a person who is a common connection between you and that person.
  • InMail – If you subscribed to LinkedIn Premium, InMail enables you to message any of the 400 million+ professionals on LinkedIn without an introduction.


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