How to Impress Hiring Managers

Impress employers by quantifying what you've done.

Think about specific achievements, accomplishments, and results from your work experience, student activities, and volunteer experience. Don't be timid about your successes or exaggerate but try to remember the specifics.

Did You Do Any of the Following?

Save money

Did you save the company money in any way? Notice or eliminate waste, or find a better way of doing things?

Make money (increase sales or revenue)

Did you make money for the company or organization? Increase sales by rearranging stock, producing marketing material, excelling at salesmanship? Increase revenue by organizing fund-raisers, writing successful proposals?

Save time

Did you save time for others by finding easier ways to do things, eliminating wasteful procedures?

Increase efficiency

Did you increase efficiency by organizing data better or developing systems to automate work?

Retain customers

Did you retain customers by providing superior customer service or resolve customer complaints?

Increase customer base

Did you increase the customer base by sales, improve reputation, or increase visibility?


Did you train other employees, assume or get granted leadership roles or roles of responsibility, or delegate responsibility?

Improve quality of life

Did you teach skills that help day to day life, improve someone's environment/lifestyle, brighten someone's day, or ease someone's pain?

Teach teamwork/sportsmanship

Did you mentor/train children or younger adults in leadership or team building skills or inspire other to achieve?

Develop confidence/self-esteem in others

Did you improve someone's self-esteem or confidence by teaching new skills or improving existing skills?


Did you lead a team or group and motivate them to get something done in sports, arts, student groups, project teams, or work groups?


  • Developed efficient laboratory technique for isolating protein and reduced processing time by 20%
  • Increased customer sales by 15% by identifying customer preferences and suggesting top trends in store
  • Trained ten employees on policies, protocols, and company procedures to quickly increase performance abilities of new staff members

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