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Planning for Your Co-op Position

As you begin to develop a co-op position for your company, please keep the following expectations and requirements in mind. We encourage you to reach out to Employer Relations and work closely with your co-op advisor with any questions that you have.

Expectations for Drexel Co-op

The co-op program functions best when all involved employers, students, and co-op advisors work together to maintain open communication throughout the co-op experience, establish clear goals and expectations, and proactively address any issues that arise.


Steinbright values the experience employers provide our students and the time and energy dedicated to them. Co-op employers are seen as educators who teach professionalism, industry knowledge, and company norms.

Steinbright expects that co-op employers will:

  • Provide meaningful work that relates to the student's field of study and is consistent with the advertised job description.
  • Provide appropriate training, mentorship, and supervision.
  • Provide an appropriate office or project location for students to work. Students may work remotely, on-site, or they may work in a hybrid model.  
  • Supply adequate technology and resources needed for a student to perform the functions of the co-op position. If students will use their own computers for a remote co-op, employers should be aware of any concerns related to protection of customer data, etc.  
  • Provide a safe work environment that is free from unlawful discrimination and harassment.
  • Provide feedback to the student and Steinbright through formal and informal performance evaluations.
  • Treat co-op employees as they would a full-time employee.
  • Adhere to all Steinbright policies and timelines.
  • Review and sign our Employer Agreement Form.


Students agree to work for the specified time frame and for the agreed salary rate in exchange for credit that is required for graduation.

Steinbright expects that co-op students will:

  • Act professionally in all aspects of the job search and while employed.
  • Adhere to company, Drexel University, and Steinbright policies and procedures.
  • Provide high-quality work.
  • Collaborate with colleagues.

Co-op Advisors

Co-op advisors work with an assigned group of students and employers, typically by major, to provide industry-specific guidance to their student and employer cohorts. Co-op advisors provide support and guidance to an average of 300 students and 200 employers on an annual basis.

Co-op advisors will:

  • Assist employers with questions regarding the co-op process, SCDConline, and timelines.
  • Provide support to enhance student work performance.
  • Advise employers on recruitment strategies.
  • Visit employer sites to establish rapport and support co-op program development.
  • Educate, guide, and empower students throughout the recruitment and employment process.

Co-op Program Requirements

Employers must meet the following requirements in order to post a co-op position.

Submit the Employer Agreement Form

To advertise a position(s) in our SCDConline recruitment system, new co-op employer partners review and sign our Employer Agreement form [PDF], which includes important information for companies hiring Drexel co-op students.

Provide Supervision and Mentorship

Students are expected to gain practical experience in their field of study and should have a mentor and/or supervisor who has expertise in the same or similar field. 

Guarantee Enough Hours for Co-op Credit

Students in a full-time paid position generally work 32-40 hours per week. In order for a student to receive credit, the minimum requirement is 20 hours per week. 

Provide an Appropriate Office Location for the Co-op

Students may work remotely, on-site, or they may work in a hybrid model. If working on-site, students are expected to work at the employer's office or project location. Students are not permitted to work from an employer's home office.

Assign a Classification to the Position

It is up to the employer to determine the proper classification for the student; however, the Steinbright Career Development Center does not support co-op students being hired as independent contractors, except under rare and extenuating circumstances. Refer to Compensation and Benefits Information for further details on hiring students as consultants or independent contractors.

Provide Technology and Equipment

Employers are required to provide any technology, software, and equipment the student will need to perform the job.  If students will use their own computers for a remote co-op, employers should be aware of any concerns related to protection of customer data, etc.  

Complete the Student Performance Evaluation

At the end of a student's co-op experience, employers must complete a performance evaluation of the student. This evaluation is done through the SCDConline system.

Affiliation Agreements

It is the position of the Steinbright Career Development Center not to sign affiliation agreements, clinical rotational agreements, or employment agreement forms on a contractual basis. New and existing Drexel Co-op employer partners should not expect the Steinbright Career Development Center to enter into any employment contract or affiliation agreement required by the employer in order for Drexel Co-op student(s) to begin working at the employer site. It is the philosophy of the co-op program for students to be hired as employees of the organization to perform tasks and duties within their current skill set. If deemed necessary, documents presented to Steinbright of this nature will be reviewed by Drexel's Office of the General Counsel, with no guarantee they will be signed. If a co-op employer partner's standard pre-employment process requires a contract or agreement of this nature to be signed, Steinbright advises that this consideration is made prior to extending an offer of employment to a student participating in Drexel's cooperative education program.

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