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Employer Relations can assist you with hiring co-op students, new graduates, and alumni.


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Support From Steinbright

Steinbright offers our employer partners the opportunity to access their programs through site visits and with data compiled from student feedback and hiring history.

Co-op Advisor Site Visits

Co-op employers may be contacted by their co-op advisor to schedule a date and time for a site visit.

A site visit may include:

  • Discussing recruitment strategies at Drexel to increase quality of candidate pool.
  • Viewing the overall work environment to better communicate information to students.
  • Visiting and speaking with current co-op students (if applicable).
  • Reviewing the overall co-op program, including upcoming deadlines.

Employers interested in scheduling a site visit should contact their co-op advisor.

Data Requests

From time to time, employers may be interested in obtaining data pertaining to the co-op program for the purposes of program assessment and evaluation. If employers are interested in data concerning co-op salaries, they should refer to the Undergraduate Co-op Salary Guide. For all other data requests, employers should view our co-op data.


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