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Onboarding and Orientation

Once you've hired a student, the Steinbright Career Development Center recommends you contact them to discuss the onboarding process and prepare internally for the experience.

Before the First Day

Communicate with your Co-op Student

  • Arrange a start date. The co-op program has an official start date, but students may be flexible. An earlier start date can be negotiated between the employer and the student directly.
  • Provide students with any required paperwork and make students aware of required documentation for their first day.
  • Arrange for any required screening, such as background checks, security clearances, and drug testing.
  • Provide students with details concerning work hours, dress code, and office location.

Internal Planning

  • Select a supervisor and mentor who will work closely with the student.
  • Share expectations for the co-op placement with your staff.
  • Plan meaningful work assignments.
  • Plan for additional work and extra tasks in the event that the student works ahead of schedule.
  • Arrange a schedule for the first day and week, including any necessary training.
  • Set times for regular meetings and performance reviews with the student's supervisor.
  • Set up the student's workstation and prepare items such as identification, email accounts and computer passwords so that they can start working right away.

The First Day


  • Complete any outstanding new-hire paperwork.
  • Provide the student with an employee handbook.
  • Explain payroll policies and schedule.
  • Ensure the student has necessary passes, keys, and computer access.
  • Introduce the student to the staff team and the student's mentor.
  • Establish a clear line of communication and reporting with the student's supervisor and other leaders within the department.
  • Provide the student with a tour of the facility.
  • Review the job description with the student and provide clear expectations of training plans, work assignments, professionalism, and deadlines.
  • Provide a timeline for performance reviews and an explanation of evaluation processes.

Set Expectations

One of the keys to co-op success is a clear explanation of expectations from the employer. Many students are relatively new to the workplace, thus, will benefit from a thorough review of company policies, procedures and expectations, as follows:

  • Attendance, including a detailed explanation of work hours and time-reporting procedures
  • Discrimination and harassment policies
  • Company dress code
  • Email and communication professionalism
  • Personal conduct standards
  • Progressive disciplinary actions
  • Emergency procedures and safety training
  • Personal use of company time, including cell phone, email, and Internet use

What Makes an Excellent Co-op Experience

The following points were compiled from employers and students about what makes an excellent co-op experience.

  • Provide an initial orientation and ongoing training.
  • Establish clear expectations for communication and routine check-in points for feedback.
  • Discuss employer and student expectations and establish specific learning objectives.
  • Set up meetings with different company representatives and instruct students on how to network within the company and industry.
  • Schedule mid-point evaluations to give students feedback and make adjustments.
  • At the end of co-op, complete the SCDConline performance evaluation.
  • Review the student's updated résumé. If appropriate, provide a letter of recommendation.
  • Encourage students to present or provide a written summary of their experience to colleagues and future co-op hires.
  • Include students in the interview process for their co-op replacement and potentially have students be involved in the initial training of their replacement.
  • Contact your co-op advisor with questions, concerns, or just to relay a student's success.


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