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If you need immediate assistance, please call On-Call International, Drexel’s emergency assistance provider, at +1.603.952.2038.

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Welcome back from — what we hope — has been one of the most enriching and exciting periods of your undergraduate career! 

The Steinbright staff would love to hear from you, see your photos, and learn about your adventures abroad. There are a number of ways to share your experience with your peers and remain engaged with the world. Here a few suggestions on how to keep an international dimension in your life.

Opportunities Upon Your Return

Designed for students who have recently returned from study or co-op abroad, this conference, held annually (normally in January) addresses issues such as:

  • The Study Abroad Experience and Re-entry
  • Contributing to the International Dimension of Your Campus
  • Marketing Your International Experience to Employers
  • Volunteering and Graduate Fellowships Abroad

Many people say that returning home is often more difficult than going abroad. Some students feel removed from family and friends who have not had similar experiences. You can probably expect to go through an initial stage of euphoria and excitement as you are overwhelmed by the sheer joy of being back home. But as you try and settle back into your former routine you will soon recognize that you have become a new person, which means that you can expect a period of disorientation as you adjust to the "new" environment at home.

Counseling Center
Phone: 215.895.1415 | Email:
Offers free, confidential counseling services provided by mental health professionals to currently enrolled full-time undergraduate students.

Have you ever thought of applying for a fellowship to study abroad once you've graduated from Drexel? In most cases, the fellowship will enable you to get a graduate degree from a foreign university, or, in the case of the Fulbright Program, spend a year doing research abroad. Most applications for fellowships are due in the fall of your senior year. Contact for more information.

Consider studying, working, or volunteering abroad. You already know about working abroad as an undergraduate, but perhaps you should consider doing your graduate work overseas. The University of Michigan has a great search engine on this subject.

And of course, review Drexel's programs through the Office of Global Engagement.

During your time abroad, you probably gained some new interests and perspectives. You can fuel this fire by seeking Drexel courses that build upon your experience and continue to expand your thinking. Consider courses that are culturally or globally themed, or even a minor in global studies, international business, or a modern language for example.

Modern Languages
Did you know that Drexel's Modern Languages Department offers 10 foreign languages? Why not continue previous language studies or start a new one?

Conversation Network
Seek out international students currently attending Drexel or consider joining the Conversation Network, which organizes conversation exchange between students learning English and students learning other languages. Partners meet once or twice a week in a relaxed setting to practice their conversational language skills. Half of the time is spent speaking English and the other half is spent speaking the non-English language.

Specific Interest Clubs and Groups on Campus
Join clubs and/or groups on Drexel’s campus related to interests that you developed while abroad.

International House (I-House)
International House serves meeting place of international students and international activities in Philadelphia.

Welcoming Center for New Philadelphians
The Welcoming Center's mission is "to be a centralized employment and referral center for the region's growing immigrant community by promoting immigrant participation in the area's political, social, and economic life." The Center holds a number of events throughout the year and offers several volunteer positions.

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