Questions about International Co-op?

Are You Abroad and in Need of Assistance?

If you need immediate assistance, please call On-Call International, Drexel’s emergency assistance provider, at +1.603.952.2038.

To speak with someone from Drexel University, please call Drexel Public Safety at 215.895.2222.


Why you should have your co-op experience abroad.

Enhance Your Employability

International work experience can set you apart from the pack. An international co-op can provide you with a distinct advantage in the global economy, making you more attractive to prospective employers. 

Gain International Perspective

Some students learn a new language. Others come to appreciate different cultural practices. Whatever you discover while working abroad, your perspective is guaranteed to change for the better. Of course, the experience isn’t all about work — take this time to see another part of the world, meet new people, and have fun!

Heighten Your Understanding

It’s one thing to learn how business is done at home. It’s another to understand how business is done in a global context. Not only will you grow professionally through an international co-op, but you will learn things about yourself that only this experience can provide. Step away from your comfort zone and break into a new world with endless possibilities.


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