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Chris Canfield
Career Counselor for First Year Students

Chris Canfield

Career Counselor for First Year Students

First-Year Career Counseling

First-Year Career Counseling seeks to engage students in professional development from the very beginning of their collegiate career.

Our counseling starts by supporting students regarding their choice of major as it relates to their interests and career goals. As they then begin to immerse themselves in academics, extracurricular activities, and civic engagement, we encourage reflection on their involvement and illustrate methods to effectively and professionally communicate their experiences to others. Students who engage in First-Year Career Counseling will also build and polish their professional documents, learn about effective networking techniques to help them explore different careers, and understand how to grow a professional network. By mastering these objectives, students will be better prepared for all professional opportunities they will encounter during their time at Drexel.

First-Year Career Counseling addresses the following frequently asked questions:

  • I'm confused about my career interests. Is there a way to get clearer about this?
  • I have many interests. How do I pick a specific pathway and do I need to be specific?
  • What should I do if I am unhappy in my major?
  • I like my major, but what jobs do people get with this background?
  • How should I get involved on campus to support my future co-op and career search?
  • What do professionals do in certain industries?

First-Year Career Counseling also addresses key areas of professional development such as résumés, LinkedIn, growing and maintaining a professional network, and professional communication.

By the end of their first year at Drexel, new students who engage in the First-Year Career Counseling program and take advantage of the resources Steinbright offers will be able to affirm the following objectives:

  1. I have a strong résumé draft that I am confident will help me find a co-op, internship, or summer job. I also understand how to update my résumé effectively as I gain more professional experience and get more involved on and off campus.
  2. I feel confident reaching out to new people (both digitally and in person) including professors, peers, employers, and other professionals to learn and gather information.
  3. I feel confident talking about my goals and experiences as they relate to professional opportunities I am pursuing.

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Make an Appointment

New students who are interested in career counseling may schedule an appointment using the link below. Whether you are just starting to think about your career or beginning to prepare to pursue a specific direction, career services has tailored these appointments to meet your unique needs.

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Get Involved: Clubs, Research, Volunteerism, On-Campus Jobs, and Work Study

Every person at Drexel will tell you to get involved. Engaging in activities on campus helps you meet people with similar interests, discover new interests, build skills, and grow your professional network. Go to Get Involved Outside the Classroom to explore different avenues of involvement.

Build Your Résumé

In COOP 101, you will draft a résumé designed to showcase your academic, professional, and co-curricular experiences to Drexel's co-op employers. The earlier you begin working on your résumé the easier it will be to engage in further areas of professional development. Whether you have an existing document or are just starting the drafting process, visit our Résumés page for guidance and helpful samples.

Go on Informational Interviews

One of the best ways to learn about a specific position, company, or industry is to talk to people who are currently working in that field. Getting an insider's perspective is a valuable way to gather information and compare your own interests to real experiences shared by others. Learn more about Informational Interviews.

Begin Career Exploration

Find resources to research positions, companies, and industries, as well as part-time jobs and other professional opportunities. View Job Search Resources at Drexel to learn more.

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