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Past Co-op Award Winners

2020 Co-op Award Winners

The Cooperative Education Awards recognized 10 exceptional Drexel students for their outstanding effort in fulfilling the goals and ideals of cooperative education.

  • Aakankschit Nandkeolyar, Biomedical Engineering, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Dahrah Muhammad, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship
  • Mruga Shah, Computer Science, Radian Group
  • Jeremiah Ham, Health Services Administration, Gift of Life Donor Program
  • Emily Carey, Geoscience, Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc.
  • Mariah Menanno, Public Health, Philadelphia Department of Health, Division of Maternal, Child and Family Health
  • Marina D'Souza, Environmental Engineering, TU Bergakademie Freiberg
  • Natori Tom Wing, Accounting, City of Philadelphia - Division of Aviation at PHL International Airport
  • Peter Stolarski, Custom-Designed, Group One Trading
  • Anna Cushing, Graphics Design, Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX) a subsidiary of FS Investments

2019 Recipients

Co-op Award Winners

The Cooperative Education Awards recognized 11 exceptional Drexel students, two employer partners, and one faculty/staff member for their exceptional effort in fulfilling the goals and ideals of cooperative education.

  • McLean Dyer, General Studies, University City Housing
  • Evan Ehlers, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Sharing Excess — Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship
  • Bridget Heeney, Culinary Arts, Rita's
  • Annette Kang, Biological Sciences, TU Darmstadt
  • Timothy Kelly, Mechanical Engineering, Lockheed Martin
  • Michelle Kim, Graphic Design, LA Metro (Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority)
  • Diana Marino, Elementary Education, Andrew Jackson Elementary — School District of Philadelphia
  • Kimberly Murphy, Health Sciences, Student Health Service — University of Pennsylvania
  • Klaus Nuredini, Computer Science, Multicore Expert Center — Siemens
  • Lauren Snarr, Legal Studies, Ascensus, LLC
  • Roxanna Tehrani, Biomedical Engineering, Design Science

2019 Employers of the Year

  • Comcast Corporation
  • Daniel Baugh Institute For Functional Genomics And Computational Biology — Thomas Jefferson University

2019 Faculty/Staff of the Year

  • Karen Nulton, PhD, Director, Writing Assessment and Associate Teaching Professor

Bentley Systems Career Networking Award

  • Elvira-Marie Mikhael, Civil Engineering

2018 Recipients

Co-op Award Winners

  • Rachel Bomysoad, Psychology, Defender Association of Philadelphia
  • Jessica Cellinesi, Nursing, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Christian Coassin, Sport Management, Zivtech
  • Mary Hayles, Biomedical Engineering, K2M
  • Ou Suk Kwon, Public Health, School District of Philadelphia
  • Maren Larsen, Custom-Designed, ExCITe Center, MilkCrate
  • Ethan Meth, Culinary Science, Rita’s
  • Jessica Nebolsky, Game Art & Production, Procedural eXpression Lab
  • Kristin Sullivan, Accounting, Bowman & Company LLP
  • Timur Vafin, Mechanical Engineering, ExxonMobile
  • Lisa Wen, Information Systems, Independence Blue Cross, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health

Bentley Systems Career Networking Award

  • Enioluwa Segun

2018 Employers of the Year

  • Aspire Bariatrics, Inc.
  • Sartomer Americas
  • The Patrick Center for Enviromental Research at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

2018 Faculty/Staff of the Year

  • Rebecca Weidensaul, Assistant Vice President, Student Life

2017 Recipients

Co-op Award Winners

  • Alexander Bock, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Independence Blue Cross
  • Amelia Fisher, International Area Studies, Drexel University, UConnect
  • Alyssa Foley, Nursing, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Melissa Frendo-Rosso, Biomedical Engineering, Drummond Scientific Company
  • Alexis Fusco, Screenwriting & Playwriting, Millennium Films
  • Michael Luker, Computer Science, Lockheed Martin
  • David Senko, Construction Management, Target Building Construction
  • Jourdan Skirha, Sport Management, Chicago Bandits

Bentley Systems Career Networking Award

  • Joseph Urbano, Computer Science

2017 Employers of the Year

  • Army Research Lab
  • SAP

2017 Faculty Advisor of the Year

  • Kate Hughes, Associate Director, Global Studies and Modern Languages

2016 Recipients

Co-op Award Winners

  • Chau Dang, Biomedical Engineering, Amicus Therapeutics
  • Parini Gandhi, Nursing, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Angelique Giannascoli, Elementary Education, St. Andrew Catholic Education Center
  • Lynn Gotuaco, Culinary Science, Monell Chemical Senses Center
  • Sarah Griggs, Biological Sciences, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Brandon Katz, Electrical Engineering, Lockheed Martin
  • Sandra Petri, International Business, Office of International Programs at Drexel University
  • Arvid Roach, Product Design, Michael Graves Architecture & Design
  • Conchita Taylor, Information Systems, National Board of Medical Examiners

Employers of the Year

  • Brinjac Engineering

  • McKesson

Faculty of the Year

  • Chuck Sacco

Bentley Systems Career Networking Award

  • Chan Yeoh, Computer Engineering

2015 Recipients

Co-op Award Winners

  • Lia Arakelian, Marketing, Bimbo Bakeries
  • Rishon Benjamin, Chemical Engineering, Inolex, Inc.
  • Danielle Cole, Health Sciences, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Nicole Dykstra, Biology, Philadelphia Zoo
  • Alexander Koszycki, Biomedical Engineering, Sanofi
  • Edmund Lynn, Computer Science, Pepco Holdings, Inc.
  • Hailey Smith, Graphic Design, Steinbright Career Development Center
  • Casey Sneider, Teacher Education, The Math Forum
  • Alexandra Zeitz, Culinary Arts, High Street on Market

Employers of the Year

  • DSM Biomedical

  • Inolex

Faculty of the Year

  • Dr. Banu Onaral, PhD

Bentley Systems Career Networking Award

  • Colleen Blaho, Computer Science

2014 Recipients

Co-op Award Winners

  • M. David Boodey, Business & Engineering, Teva Pharmaceuticals
  • Jhan-Duc Duclos, Biomedical Engineering, Lockheed Martin
  • Christine Luby, Nutrition and Foods, Drexel University, Center for Hospitality & Sport Management
  • Krysten Minnici, Chemical Engineering, Arkema, Inc. 
  • Ethan O'Neill, Information Systems, Computer Science Corporation
  • Emily Rugh, Culinary Science, La Colombe Torrefaction
  • Aaron Strauss, Communications, Catapult Learning, LLC. 
  • Stephanie Zeitz, Elementary Education, Scholar Academies
  • Yuxing Zhang, Interior Design, The Wharton School

Employers of the Year

  • Happy Cog
  • ArcelorMittal
  • Drexel University, Department of Physics

Faculty of the Year

  • Dr. Teck-Kah Lim, physics professor and associate vice provost for Graduate Studies, College of Arts and Sciences

Bentley Systems Career Networking Award

  • Basanta Kharel, Computer Science

2013 Recipients

Co-op Award Winners

  • Marika DuTot, Nursing, Cooper University Hospital
  • Brendan Elias, Biological Sciences, Drexel University, Biology Department
  • Keith Engle, Construction Management, Bancroft Construction Company
  • Genymphas Higgs, Biomedical Engineering, Implant Research Center
  • Nasreen Khan, Materials Science and Engineering, Fit of Passion, LLC
  • Brandon Manni, Television Production & Media Management, WPVI-TV/6ABC
  • Zachary Rubin, Business Admin. - Management Information Services, Johnson & Johnson
  • Christine Ruggieri, Elementary Education, U.S. Dream Academy
  • Andrew Saraceni, Information Technology, The Wharton School

Employers of the Year

  • Society of Hospital Medicine
  • Thomson Reuters

Advisor of the Year

  • Heather Blackburn, program manager and academic advisor for Sport Management, Goodwin College

Bentley Systems Career Networking Award

  • George Rodier, Computer Science