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View From The Top

March 6, 2019

The climbing wall is one of the most unique facilities the Rec Center has to offer. It combines structures in a variety that allows climbers to experience overhangs, slabs, bouldering, and lead climbing. These climbs can all be done at varying levels of difficulty as well, from beginner to expert. The Blog Squad took a trip to the climbing wall earlier in Season 1 of My Rec Life and we enjoyed it so much that we had to come back for Roc the Rec in Season 2. Roc the Rec is a day-long rock climbing competition where participants are allowed five attempts to score as many points as possible for each of their climbs. Winners of their respective difficulty groups were awarded prizes that included, climbing equipment, supplements, gift cards, and more. Make sure to sign up as soon as possible next time Roc the Rec is announced! Spots are limited and demand is high.

Matt here! Roc the Rec was a blast. I’ve been to the climbing wall a few times so I signed myself up for the intermediate category. I like to challenge myself, and this was indeed a challenge. You might notice that there are very few scenes in the vlog that show me actually climbing the wall. That is because I spent very little time on the wall and most of it on the ground wondering why I didn’t sign myself up for the beginner category. Nonetheless, I had a great time and enjoyed meeting plenty of other people who enjoy rock climbing. The climbing wall staff members were very helpful in ensuring we climbed (and fell) safely and I learned a lot just by talking to them and practicing throughout the day. I would recommend this event for anyone looking to become part of a diverse community of rock climbers or for those looking to win some prizes for their unique climbing abilities. I can’t wait to participate in Roc the Rec again next year!

What’s up peeps, it’s Axxel, and man was Roc the Rec interesting. According to the staff, there was definitely a lot more people than in previous years, so there was a lot of waiting. Besides that, the climbing part was actually quite fun and challenging. I had never climbed since middle school nor have seen the climbing wall at the Drexel Rec Center, so this was quite the experience. The wall was absolutely massive that went all the way up to ceiling with inclined and declined angles on various parts of the wall. Once I saw this, I knew I was going to have some serious troubles. Although, we didn’t have to climb all the way to the top, only to the middle, but even that had angles to it. Along with Matt, I also signed up for the intermediate category. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to the top. I didn’t know that height was one of the determining factors in rock climbing…. Overall, it was my first time ever being at the climbing wall and experiencing this event. It was challenging, fun, and interactive. I would love to attend and perhaps compete again in Roc the Rec. Did I mention there were prizes?

Hey ya’ll! It’s Jake and I was super excited to compete in Roc the Rec and see how well I could do. I previously have only rock climbed a few times and wanted to challenge myself, however it ended up a fairly difficult challenge. I chose a fairly low grade climb so that I could start with something easy and work my way up. However this first climb proved to be way too challenging for me and I was unable to complete. Even though I failed I still had a blast at the event. I got to see many others compete and complete some amazing climbs! Overall, this event was fun, engaging, and challenging. It’s a must try for those who want to try out a new sport!

Chip Skylark here! What a beautiful display of climbing and true grit during none other than Roc the Rec! I would like to thank Drexel University for inviting me to cover this annual event, it was truly an honor. Now let us shift gears into the action that is Roc the Rec. An absolutely breathtaking showcase of competition, sportsmanship, and personal development. Climbers across the tri state area flocked to compete and cheer on fellow competitors. The rules are simple. Pick a trail, conquer the trail, and do it with style and efficiency. I must admit, this has been my first rock climbing coverage and I too did not know the rules. But hearing the roar of the crowd and stellar display of athletic ability, I knew I was in the right place. Until next time Drexel University, this is Chip Skylark signing off.