Accelerated, Combined and Bridge Degree Programs 

Dedicated to advancing knowledge in an environment that nurtures and encourages discovery, learning, exploration, and creativity, Drexel offers unique programs that allow students to engage in rigorous, experiential, technology-infused education, enriched by the nation's premier cooperative education program. Such are the Accelerated, Combined and Bridge Degree Programs.

Academically qualified students have the opportunity to pursue an undergraduate and graduate degree within established accelerated, combined and bridge degree programs published in the Course Catalog. These programs offer students rigorous graduate-level courses, engagement with faculty mentors, and often participation in research.

Below you will find a list of programs that allow for provisional acceptance at the time of admission to the University.

Accelerated Degree Programs


Eligible Majors

BS/MS in Biomedical Engineering

Eligible Major

BA/BS/MS in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Eligible Major

BS/MS in Engineering

Eligible Majors

BA in Global Studies/MS in Global and International Education 

Eligible Major

BA/BS in Math/MS in Biostatistics

BS/MS in Psychology

Eligible Major

BA/BS/MPH in Public Health

Eligible Majors

BA/MS in Strategic and Digital Communication

Eligible Majors

BS/MS in Teaching, Learning and Curriculum (Advanced Track)

Eligible Majors

Combined Degree Programs

(Note: The Graduate College has no role in admission to these programs.)


Eligible Majors

BA/BS+MD Early Assurance Program

Eligible Majors

The application deadline for the BA/BS+MD Early Assurance program is November 1, and applicants may only apply for Early Action or Regular Decision.

Note: International students are ineligible.

Program Length

8 years

Bridge Degree Programs

BS in Health Sciences/MHS in Physician Assistant

Eligible Major

BS in Health Sciences/DPT in Physical Therapy

Eligible Major

BS in Nutrition and Foods/MS in Nutrition and Dietetics

Eligible Major

University Standards & Requirements for Accelerated and Bridge Degree Programs


  • Application to accelerated and bridge programs begins after a student has completed at least 90 credits and a maximum limit of credits determined by the individual program. See individual programs for clearly stated admission criteria, as Colleges/Schools may set more stringent requirements for these programs. 
  • Provisional Admit – a first-year student can be designated as a Provisional Admit but is not officially accepted into the accelerated or bridge degree programs until the student completes at least 90 credits and meets the admissions criteria set by the individual program.
  • Admission to all accelerated and bridge programs is managed by Drexel University's Graduate College.

Degree Requirements

Specific degree requirements may be more rigorous.

  • Minimum Credit Requirements 225 credits
    • 180 UG quarter credits
    • 45 GR quarter credits
  • Minimum 3.0 Cumulative GPA
  • Program Requirements: The undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees are conferred Drexel University degrees.

Financial Aid Compliance

Title IV Federal Financial Aid Guidelines, Regulations & Eligibility.

  • Students can receive up to 12 terms of full-time institutional grants and scholarships to support their undergraduate studies.
  • To be eligible for 12 terms of Federal/State/Institutional financial aid, a student must carry a minimum of 12 undergraduate credits per term in their program of study defined by their undergraduate degree requirements.
  • CO-OP terms do not count toward the 12-term limit.
  • Undergraduate courses taken within the 12 terms of Financial Aid eligibility must apply directly toward the undergraduate degree. Graduate courses cannot be used to establish undergraduate financial aid eligibility.