Strategic Initiatives

COEUS Replacement Project Logo
COEUS Replacement Project Logo

COEUS Replacement Project

The COEUS Replacement Project is a university-wide effort to streamline and modernize Drexel’s research administration operations through the evaluation and improvement of our policies, processes, and systems across the research enterprise. The project aligns with Drexel’s Research Strategic Plan and will simultaneously help Drexel retain its coveted Carnegie R1 designation. Our collective work on this project will allow the university to optimize its pursuit and management of research while meeting the needs of principal investigators, administrators, university leadership, and research support functions. 

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The Future is a Place We Make
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Dragon Seeds, Our Research and Development Fund

DRAGON SEEDS is a new and pioneering research and development seed funding program that will incentivize new research at Drexel that aligns with the University’s strategic research interests in health, technology and engineering, and society and design. Modest levels of seed funding can help jump-start research that can afterwards lead to and secure the large government and foundation grants that are the standard for R1 academic research institutions in the United States.

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