Christine Fiori, PhD

Clinical Professor of Construction Management

Fiori is an expert in construction management practices and safety, and head of Drexel’s Construction Management program. Fiori’s research focuses on sustainable construction practices and new techniques for construction management education. She has also authored several book chapters about best practices in construction safety, conservation and green building.

In addition to her research, Fiori draws on a variety of professional experience in construction management. She served in the U.S. Air Force and worked at Crossing Construction and Integrated Project Services before assuming positions in schools of construction at Arizona State and Virginia Tech, before coming to Drexel. Fiori has commented in news stories about construction practices and safety aspects following at bridge collapse.

In The News

Cost Overruns, Such as the $67M at Comcast Technology Center, Not Uncommon
Christine Fiori, PhD, a teaching professor in the College of Engineering, was quoted in a May 15 Philadelphia Business Journal story about cost overruns in the construction of the new Comcast Technology Center.