Changes to COVID Vaccination Requirements

The following email was sent to the Drexel community:


  • The City of Philadelphia has dropped its COVID-19 vaccination mandate for students/employees at higher education institutions.
  • Effective immediately, Drexel no longer requires COVID-19 vaccination for students nor employees.
  • To date, COVID vaccination continues to prevent severe disease outcomes. Drexel strongly recommends that students and employees stay up to date on COVID vaccination including any booster recommendations.
  • Students can obtain the vaccine series and any boosters through Student Health.
  • Note that all health care students and employees can be required to be up to date with COVID vaccination by their school or college. Students working on co-ops within health care environments may also be required to be up to date with COVID vaccinations.

Dear Drexel Students and Colleagues,

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health has lifted the COVID vaccination mandate for all institutions of higher education in the city. In accordance Drexel is moving from requiring the COVID primary series to strongly recommending that all students, faculty and professional staff receive full COVID vaccination and stay up to date with all the booster shots for which they are eligible (see the CDC’s site to learn what “up to date” means for you). Our decision was guided by current science suggesting that we have reached a much less acute stage of the pandemic, along with campus transmission data consistent with national trends that show a drastic reduction in serious illness due to COVID-19. Please note that health care students, employees and those students on co-ops in health care settings may still be required to vaccinate against COVID-19. Health care related programs will provide further vaccine information as necessary.

The change is effective immediately. This means that students and faculty are no longer required to upload their COVID vaccination information into the Drexel Health Checker.

As a community grounded in science and medical innovation, Drexel is a highly vaccinated campus, and we believe that we will remain so. We are prepared to re-institute our vaccination mandate and take all necessary public health precautions should there be another acute COVID crisis. Our priority remains protecting the health of everyone in our community, particularly those who are most vulnerable.

Please continue to do your part for community health and safety by getting any vaccines or booster shots—including the newer bivalent boosters—for which you are eligible. Community members 50 and older, or people with certain risk factors remain at elevated risk for serious illness with COVID. Stay up to date by following the CDC’s COVID vaccination recommendations.

Drexel offers COVID-19 vaccines and boosters to our students through the Student Health Center. Students can schedule an appointment for Monday–Friday by calling 215-220-4700. Employees can obtain vaccination through their primary care provider or at an array of community locations such as retail pharmacies and supermarkets.

If you have any questions or concerns about our COVID guidelines, please email You can stay up to date by visiting our Response to Coronavirus page.

Thank you for everything you have done, and continue to do, to keep yourselves and our community healthy and safe.



Marla J. Gold, MD, FACP
Chief Wellness Officer
Senior Vice Provost for Community Health