Top 5 Quintessentially Philly Experiences

Philly native and president and CEO of Visit Philadelphia Angela Val (BS hotel and restaurant management ’94) really knows the city — and knows what you should do, eat and experience now that you're here.
An image of Angela Val in white blazer standing with her arms crossed.

Welcome to Drexel, and congratulations on your excellent taste. You’ve chosen a university formed by an adventurer who traveled the world but chose this as his home, in the heart of a neighborhood with history and soul. You could spend a lifetime exploring what makes this city great and many do. But where to begin? Here to guide you is fellow Dragon and Point Breeze resident Angela Val (BS hotel and restaurant management ’94), who cut her teeth in hospitality at Drexel 31 years ago and has become the city’s ablest booster through her long career in tourism marketing. In June she became the new President & CEO of Visit Philadelphia, and whether you’re a longtime local or arriving from a distant hometown, she has the lowdown on what to see and do around here. Just for you, Val has compiled her Top 5 must-do Philly moments to help you feel at home.    

  1. Run the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps, also known as the “Rocky Steps.” The steps represent hope, grit and new beginnings. Hustle to the top like Rocky Balboa, then soak up a stunning view of the Philadelphia skyline.
  1. Visit the Liberty Bell at night when it's lit up and no one is around. While standing on Independence Mall, take in the significance that our country started here in Philadelphia, a city where innovation is in our blood and independent thinking is our way of life. 
  1. Enjoy Chickie's and Pete’s on an Eagles game night, especially against Dallas or D.C. You will never see more pride, passion and love for a team than in Philadelphia. It’s contagious! Order the famous Crabfries and be a fan, even if only for a night.
  1. Hang out at the Bok Building, an old public school turned workplace filled with small businesses, local makers and crafters, who we love to show support for here in Philly. Our history is part of our DNA, so we repurpose and bring old buildings back to life. We also are a city of neighborhoods, and since the Bok Building is in South Philly, one of our most vibrant, take time to explore the restaurants and nightlife.
  1. Treat yourself to a cocktail (or mocktail) at the Four Seasons Hotel, because Philly keeps it classy, too! Watch the sun go down and the skyline come to life. Cheers to you and welcome to Philadelphia!