Drexel’s Kline School of Law Introduces B.A. in Law, Becoming One of Only Four Law Schools in the U.S. to Offer the Undergraduate Degree

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Drexel University’s Thomas R. Kline School of Law has created a new undergraduate major in law to equip graduates with the knowledge to deal effectively with the legal rules that shape our lives, whether they encounter those in business or the arts, health care or public life.

Law permeates every aspect of contemporary American life and there are numerous careers for which a working knowledge of the law is beneficial, but for which a JD is not required. The Bachelor of Arts in Law is designed in part for students pursuing careers that do not require a licensed attorney but do require a robust understanding of the law and the complex nature of the regulatory state. The rigorous, multidisciplinary program will also provide superb preparation for students who wish to go on to law school or other graduate programs.

“Kline is one of just four U.S. law schools to offer an undergraduate degree,” said Daniel Filler, JD, dean of the Kline School of Law. “Students enrolling in the BA in Law will take a demanding but flexible curriculum that combines the study of law with another academic field. Core courses in the Law major will introduce students to legal concepts, doctrines and systems. Consistent with Drexel’s commitment to experiential learning, courses also emphasize the development of skills relevant to co-op, employment, and post-graduate study.”  

Harnessing Drexel’s strength in experiential education, students will be able to apply their skills in a variety of legal settings that will enable them to gain an even deeper understanding of the workings of law and of the legal system in our country today.

“Kline has always believed in democratizing access to law and legal information,” said Rose Corrigan, PhD, associate dean for undergraduate education in the Kline School of Law. “Extending that to undergraduate education is a logical next step to help prepare our students to understand and leverage law effectively, whether they are in a classroom, a courtroom, or in the workplace.”

Kline undergraduates combine their study of law with a minor or second major in another academic field, permitting students to pursue their unique interests and take advantage of Drexel’s strengths across the university, from social sciences to technology, from health to the arts, and from business to education.

The Kline School of Law also offers an undergraduate minor in Law designed to provide students with a grounding in American legal systems. Two required courses and a choice of 16 elective credits makes the minor easy to add to most programs and permits students to explore the role of law in their primary field.

Current and prospective students may declare a Law major starting in the Fall 2022 term. For more information on the B.A. in Law degree program, click here or email UGLaw@drexel.edu.