Drexel COVID-19 Measures Update

 The following message with updates on Drexel's COVID-19 measures was sent to the University community.

  • Case rates of COVID-19 at Drexel and in Philadelphia remain low; vaccination rates are rising.
  • Masking now optional for fully vaccinated persons inside Drexel buildings.
  • Those who are not fully vaccinated are still required to wear a mask while inside any Drexel-owned or campus building, unless alone in a room with the door closed.
  • Eating indoors is no longer restricted.
  • The deadline for all Drexel students and employees to be vaccinated or have received an exemption is July 1 for semester students and August 1 for employees and students on the quarter system.
  • For the summer quarter, most Drexel buildings will remain accessible by ID card only.

Dear Members of the Drexel Community,

Thanks largely to safe and effective COVID-19 vaccination and your healthy practices, we continue to see very low rates (less than 1 percent) of COVID-19 infection among members of our campus community. This mirrors the current low positivity rates in the Philadelphia region and supports our being able to implement further changes at Drexel as outlined below.

Persons who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are no longer required to wear masks inside Drexel campus or Drexel-owned buildings with the following exceptions: 1) Vaccinated persons must mask in any Drexel health care settings including medical/nursing clinics, Student Health Services and any testing or vaccination site; and 2) vaccinated persons must mask on public transit, including on Drexel shuttles.

Persons who are not fully vaccinated are required to always mask when indoors including on public transit and Drexel shuttles. Students, faculty, professional staff and visitors who are not yet fully vaccinated or who have been granted an exemption from vaccination are asked to always mask while indoors at Drexel, unless they are in a closed room alone.

Anyone who wishes to continue wearing a mask, for any reason, is encouraged to do so. Data indicates that masks are an excellent tool in reducing transmission not only of COVID-19 but many other respiratory diseases.

Eating on campus is no longer restricted. With masks no longer required for most community members, we are no longer restricting eating on campus to designated spaces. For their own safety, unvaccinated persons are advised to distance from others when eating.

Get vaccinated. All Drexel students and employees must show that they have been vaccinated, or have received an exemption, by July 1 (semester students) or August 1 (employees and students on the quarter system). Go to our COVID-19 Vaccination page to learn how to get your shot if you haven’t been able to do so yet. If you’re vaccinated, please let Drexel know so we can plan accordingly for weekly testing and other measures.  Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated individuals will be enrolled in mandatory weekly testing and must abide by additional safety measures. Log in to the Drexel Health Checker via the app, or web-based version, and record your COVID-19 vaccination status. When in the app, click “More” in the bottom right corner and select “Vaccine Records.” Be sure to update to the latest version of the Drexel Health Checker, which now has an added layer of security for all users.

Dragons take care of Dragons. As we move forward together, some people will choose to wear masks for a variety of reasons. All of us will be masked on public transit at this time. Some of us will choose to mask regardless of our vaccination status, while masking indoors at Drexel will be required for partially vaccinated persons or those exempt from vaccination. We see this range of mask wearing now in our neighborhoods and cities as people continue to re-enter their workplaces and social structures. COVID-19 illustrates our need to take care of ourselves as well as how individual actions impact others. Please stay home if you are ill, regardless of your vaccine status. If you are a student, call Student Health when ill and use the Drexel Health Checker to let us know how you are. Follow guidance provided on our Response to Coronavirus Website. When we care for ourselves, we care for each other.

Signage is being revised to reflect COVID-related policy changes where needed. We thank you in advance for understanding that it takes time to transition an entire campus from a remote and hybrid setting to fully face-to-face. Most Drexel buildings are accessible by ID card only during the summer quarter, so remember to carry your ID card. This will change as buildings become increasingly occupied.

Our health and safety measures have supported us well this past year and will continue to do so into the next academic year. Along with safety measures comes the need for continued compassion, understanding, and the avoidance of stigmatizing the decisions individuals make. We are all in this together, and together we will return to a vibrant, healthy and safe campus.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Janet Cruz, MD
Director, Student Health Services

Marla J. Gold, MD
Senior Vice Provost for Community Health and Chief Wellness Officer