Drexel to Offer COVID-19 Vaccine to Students, Faculty and Professional Staff

The following announcement about Drexel offering the COVID-19 vaccine to eligible students, faculty and professional staff was sent to the University community. Drexel will make vaccine available to eligible populations prioritized by Philadelphia’s phased distribution, Drexel’s return to campus phases and vaccine availability.

Dear Students and Colleagues,

We are happy to announce that Drexel University will soon be able to provide a COVID-19 vaccination to eligible University students, faculty and professional staff members who want to receive one. Vaccination holds the promise of returning to a more familiar life for all of us.

In Philadelphia, the guidelines for who is eligible for vaccine are under the direction of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health and may differ from statewide distribution guidelines for Pennsylvania or other states.

Drexel will make vaccine available to eligible populations prioritized by Philadelphia’s phased distribution, Drexel’s return to campus phases and vaccine availability. Vaccine will be made available through two types of clinics to be held on campus in Behrakis Grand Hall. Using more than one way to vaccinate our population enables Drexel to maximize vaccination opportunities for our University community.

  1. Sunray Pharmacy operated clinics will be inviting eligible individuals to schedule their vaccination appointment through a secure link provided by the pharmacy. Sunray Pharmacy staff will arrive on campus in our designated clinical space to administer vaccine to scheduled persons. In this case, eligible individuals will receive a scheduling link made available by the pharmacy. Individuals attending pharmacy-run clinics will be asked to bring their insurance cards and Drexel identification cards. The pharmacy may charge your insurance an administration fee but there is no cost to you and no uninsured person will be turned away. Pharmacy-run clinics will begin later this week and continue throughout April for our 1A, 1B and prioritized 1c populations. More eligible populations will be invited as vaccine becomes available under the direction of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health.

  2. Drexel-run vaccination clinics will be operated entirely by Drexel staff once Drexel is fully approved by city officials to serve as a vaccination distribution site. Eligible individuals will sign up for Drexel clinics through a secure, confidential link and asked to bring a form of identification. You must bring your Drexel ID card to access the clinic. Drexel is working closely with the city to complete the approval process and we anticipate beginning these clinics later this month.

Why get vaccinated?

COVID-19 vaccination for students, faculty and professional staff will provide individual protection and contribute to society-wide immunity to this virus. It will keep you healthy and safe while also keeping our community safe. Vaccinations will help us resume a full in-person living, learning and working experience. The CDC’s new guidelines for vaccinated persons illustrate significant individual benefits. In addition to helping us stay safe and healthy, the guidelines for vaccinated persons give us a glimpse of the life that is possible among vaccinated persons. According to the CDC guidelines, vaccinated persons deemed exposed to COVID-19 need not quarantine.

Who can get vaccinated at the Drexel clinic?

We anticipate all Drexel employees and students will be eligible for vaccination before the start of summer. Individuals in Phase 1A, 1B and some persons in 1c currently are eligible for vaccination in Philadelphia. The city is entering Phase 1c gradually, and employees of institutions of higher education (IHEs), including Drexel employees, will soon be eligible for vaccination under Phase 1C. While the city defines Phase 1B to include individuals over the age of 65 and several health conditions, Drexel is making the Phase 1B determination based solely on age 65 and older. Note that under Phase 1C, all Drexel employees will be eligible for vaccination based on working in higher education. Most students will be eligible for vaccine under Phase 2.

Recording your vaccination

Note that you can now upload a copy of your vaccination record to the Drexel Health Checker. While not required at this time, uploading a copy of your vaccination record will help simplify Drexel’s contact tracing process if you come into contact with someone who has COVID-19 and help us provide you with optimal guidance.

Next Steps

If you are interested in receiving a COVID-19 vaccination at Drexel University, please click the following form link to confirm your interest.

Vaccine Interest Form

Following a year-long pandemic, we are all tired and more than ready for change. Vaccination is a major step to moving towards a safer and healthier environment. It will foster our ability to feel more confident about our own health and that of our community and will help us live and learn together again in familiar ways that we dearly miss.  You can read more about vaccination on Drexel’s Response to Coronavirus website and on the CDC’s COVID-19 Vaccines page.

Drexel is very pleased to be able to offer the vaccine to students, faculty and professional staff. We will continue to work with the city to help all Drexel community members receive vaccine as soon as possible.

Thank you, and be safe,

Marla J. Gold, MD
Director, Return Oversight Committee

Subir Sahu, PhD
Senior Vice President for Student Success

Paul E. Jensen, PhD
Executive Vice President and Nina Henderson Provost and University Professor

Megan Weyler
Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer