Drexel’s Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship Launches Three-Year Degree

image of a lit bulb on top of a table at which entpreneurs are seated at

With more than 60 percent of millennials wanting to own a business and 49 percent looking to start one within the next three years, universities are often the place where these young entrepreneurs gain the knowledge and guidance to turn their ideas into viable startup businesses.

With that in mind, Drexel University’s Charles D. Close of Entrepreneurship — which is widely known for its innovative curriculum in entrepreneurship and incubator for student startup businesses — is introducing an intensive three-year bachelor’s degree program in entrepreneurship and innovation. 

“The program caters to the most determined entrepreneurs that may find it challenging to balance four-five years of classes while also eager to start and grow their business,” said Donna De Carolis, PhD, founding dean of the Close School and Silverman Family Professor of Entrepreneurial Leadership.

The three-year degree in entrepreneurship, among only a few three-year degree programs in the nation, is also ideal for students looking to grow an existing family business and for international students, according to De Carolis.

Students in the three-year program will graduate as early as two years ahead of students in a traditional bachelor’s degree program. Consistent with Drexel University’s cooperative education program, the entrepreneurship three-year degree will offer students an experiential learning opportunity to work on their own startup, family business or for an employer of their choice.  

 “We have developed a curriculum that teaches resilience, collaboration, negotiation and communication,” said De Carolis. “The three-year degree program is particularly appealing to a student who is determined, disciplined and goal-oriented, as we find that many entrepreneurship students are.”

The curriculum not only teaches students how to succeed, but also prepares students for the risk that comes with starting and growing a business. The course, “Ready, Set, Fail,” teaches students how to appreciate failure, learn from it and use the experiences to build future success. “Social Entrepreneurship” examines how social entrepreneurs launch successful ventures to addressing the world’s most challenging social and environmental problems. Courses that help students understand the new venture investment process are also part of the program.

The Close School expects to start the first cohort of students in the new program in fall of 2020.