Nathan Chan and Mark Rao of Chengdu Famous Foods. Chengdu Famous Food: Story of a Student-Run Restaurant
Here’s how two Drexel University students created, launched and sold a still-popular Sichuan restaurant, Chengdu Famous Food, and how the experience shaped their studies and their friendship.
MXenes Controlling What Goes on 'Between the Sheets' is Key to Optimizing MXenes' Abilities
New research from the College of Engineering shows how to customize the properties of materials called MXenes, which have displayed exceptional abilities to conduct electricity and block electromagnetic radiation.
Women in Sports Conference Flyer Philly Sports Executives Headline Drexel Women in Sports Conference
Drexel University's Department of Sport Management, in partnership with the Lebow Women in Business Club, will gather top executives from across the sports world to discuss their experiences as women in the industry at the Women in Sports: Calling the Shots and Leading the Way Conference.
The team won $1,500 in Dragon Dollars for their efforts, as well as bragging rights. Recapping Drexel Homecoming 2019
Drexel’s weeklong Homecoming celebration saw more student involvement this year than ever before — and was more about showcasing school spirit and a strong community than about the outcomes.
motion platform Getting Real — Drexel Opens Lab to Study Virtual, Augmented and Immersive Reality Technology
A new lab, opening in Westphal College of Media Arts & Design at Drexel University, will put students and researchers in the middle of the latest visual technology. Drexel’s Immersive Research Lab is dedicated to the study and development of new virtual and augmented reality technologies and immersive media, in a space designed to allow collaboration with researchers from across the University.
Grid, Sequence Me (2013). On Exhibition at Drexel’s Pearlstein Gallery: The Art of Game Creation
The Speed of Thinking, is an exhibition spawned from a mobile game about global trade and the collaborative artwork used in the creation of the game. The art team, Joelle Dietrick and Owen Mundy will also showcase works that portray architecture as fragments affected by economic and communications systems.
Campus Digest Campus Digest — January 2019
Find out what’s going on around campus in the new year, including USGA happenings and construction updates.
The view of Reading Hospital at sunset. Q&A: Drexel’s Future Reading Hospital – Tower Health Medical Branch Campus
How will the College of Medicine’s Reading Hospital – Tower Health medical branch campus benefit Drexel? The College of Medicine’s Senior Vice Dean for Educational and Academic Affairs Valerie Weber explains.
The Center for Food & Hospitality Management along with the Office of Veteran Student Services held a Veteran’s Lunch in the Academic Bistro in November 2018. Drexel’s $12, Three-Course Meal is Back
The Academic Bistro is reopening this winter 2019 term to offer the best dining deal on Drexel’s University City Campus.
Bill visits the site of his former makeshift home which was demolished by the city, 2018. The city demolished Bill’s home and countless others during the summer of 2017 when a deal was reached with Conrail, who owns the land, to clean up and secure the area. Kensington Blues: Philadelphia’s Opioid Crisis in a Decade of Photographs
Photographer and Drexel University alumnus Jeffrey Stockbridge has captured the veracities of the opioid crisis in Philadelphia through the lens of a decade long photography project, Kensington Blues.
Intellectual Property Policy Announcing Drexel University’s New Intellectual Property Policy
The Office of Research announced the University's new policy, which is the culmination of a collaborative effort to modernize Drexel's previous policies in light of changes to federal law, policies and best practices.
shower head Drexel and Arizona State Researchers Look at Risk of Infection From Water in the Air at Home
Researchers from Arizona State University and Drexel University have developed a more detailed framework for understanding and managing the risk of transmitting a bacterial disease via water spray from sinks, showers and toilets. As continuous testing of indoor water is not always feasible, the guidelines can help to identify water use situations that could increase the risk of exposure.
Jeff Apruzzese and his wife Paige Holbrook at the Cliffs of Moher from a trip to Ireland over the winter break. Employee Spotlight: Jeff Apruzzese, the Former Passion Pit Bassist Who’s Playing a New Tune in Drexel’s Music Industry Program
The new associate program director of Drexel University’s music industry program is using his experiences as the bassist of the indie electronica band to teach students about being on the live music side of the music industry.
Drexel University's Assistant Vice President of Procurement Services Julie Jones. Q&A: Julie Jones, Assistant Vice President of Procurement Services
Drexel’s Assistant Vice President of Procurement Services Julie Jones discusses the personnel and practice changes that have occurred in Procurement since she started at the University — and what she has planned for the future.
Briefly noted Briefly Noted: Campus News From Fall 2018
Faculty and staff can catch up on campus news and personnel stories from last term.
Drexel student section 2019 Top 10 Reasons to Watch Drexel Basketball This Season
Show your school spirit this Homecoming week and beyond! Follow the men’s basketball team this season for a great study break, free swag and celebrity sightings.
Bernice Sandler, EdD, received an honorary degree from Drexel University in 2013. Drexel President John Fry (right) applauds Sandler, as College of Medicine Dean Daniel V. Schidlow, MD, prepares to present her with the doctoral hood. Bernice Sandler, ‘Godmother of Title IX:’ Her Drexel Connection
Jesse Krohn of Drexel University’s Office of Equality and Diversity explains how influential the work and career of Bernice Sandler, the “godmother of Title IX,” has been across the country, and also at Drexel University.
Faculty Highlights Faculty Highlights: Grants and Awards From Fall 2018
This update reflects the sponsored research and major gifts, honors and recognition that were recently received by faculty at Drexel University.
Shaina McGeth presenting in EAM 365. Entertainment & Arts Management Class Invites All Students to Explore Their Media Obsessions
EAM 365 — titled “The Entertainment & Media Business” — offers students from all majors the chance to explore business trends within a diverse array of entertainment mediums.
Recently, Drexel University was recognized for its level of research activity in a national and prestigious classification system. Drexel Research Enterprise Achieves National Recognition
Recently, Drexel University was recognized for its level of research activity in a national and prestigious classification system.
A scene from one of the men's wrestling team's matches in 2018. Top 'Dragon Moments' for Drexel Athletics in 2018
Drexel University's athletic director offered his top 20 "Dragon Moments" that showcased the best of Drexel Athletics in 2018.
Public Safety & U PUBLIC SAFETY & U — January
In this edition of “Public Safety & U,” Drexel’s Department of Public Safety introduced its Operations unit and gave updates on its recent community commitments.
Public Safety & U PUBLIC SAFETY & U — January
In this edition of “Public Safety & U,” Drexel’s Department of Public Safety introduced its Operations unit and gave updates on its recent community commitments.
Child covering ears Can Changing How We Talk About Childhood Toxic Stress Influence Policy?
With a $500,000 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Jonathan Purtle will investigate how adjusting messaging can influences public opinions and policymaking about the science of child development.
ripplocation 'Rippling' Under Pressure — From Playing Cards to Tectonic Plates, This is What Happens When Layered Materials are Pushed to the Brink
Looking deeper into the internal behavior of layered solids and formations— from graphene sheets, to wood laminates, to geological formations — researchers at Drexel University are gaining a better understanding of a buckling phenomenon that occurs within the layers of the materials as they are put under pressure.