Heard Around Campus — October

Heard Around Campus

October, the first full month of Drexel University’s academic year, is almost over — isn’t that scary?! And, October is the last month this term without any major holidays or breaks (which you should know about for planning purposes). Here's what was heard around campus in this month.

November is Veterans Appreciation Month

Drexel’s Office of Veteran Student Services is celebrating Veterans Appreciation Month with two weeks’ worth of programming leading up to Veterans Day on Nov. 11 (and a couple days after that!). Join your fellow Dragons in recognizing the country’s veterans and military families. Check out the programming — which is full of events like mixers, discussions and even a parade — by clicking here.

Research Funders Implement Strong Anti-Harassment Policies

An email sent last week by the Office of Research noted the new policies implemented by National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Institutes of Health (NIH), Drexel’s largest external sponsors of funded research, that the University will be adapting as well, thanks to the Office of Equality and Diversity. These new procedures are put in place to ensure safe and respectful work environments at institutions that receive NSF and NIH research funding.

Here are the new policy changes, as noted in the Oct. 25 email:

National Science Foundation
The NSF announced plans to combat sexual harassment and other forms of harassment. A 
new policy, effective Oct. 21, 2018, requires institutions that receive NSF funds to report findings of sexual harassment, other forms of harassment, or sexual assault involving NSF supported researchers. The policy also requires institutions to report if NSF supported researchers are placed on administrative leave or if the institution has imposed any administrative action during the course of a harassment investigation.

National Institutes of Health
NIH launched a new, 
central webpage that collects all of the materials for its anti-sexual harassment program. NIH requires organizations receiving NIH funds to have in place rigorous policies and procedures to ensure a harassment-free environment. The University is required to report to NIH any administrative actions or other circumstances that change the status of personnel on NIH awards. For those engaged in NIH-funded activities, please ensure you understand NIH’s policies and procedures for preventing and addressing harassment and inappropriate conduct.

Effective immediately, Drexel will comply with the new reporting requirements in accordance with the processes outlined by each sponsor.

Should you have any questions, please email OED@drexel.edu or research@drexel.edu.

Drexel Doc Offers a Free Crash Course in Breast Health

Faculty and professional staff are invited to come learn everything you ever wanted to know about breast health and mammograms in a free information session offered by breast surgeon Amanda Woodworth, MD, director of Drexel Medicine’s Breast Health & Wellness Center and a leader in holistic breast cancer management. Woodworth will discuss the risk factors for breast cancer and preventive care steps you can take to reduce your risk for developing breast cancer. Participants in Drexel’s 2018 Employee Wellness Incentive Program are eligible to earn 15 points (a $15 credit) for attending this event in-person or online. The session will be held at noon on Nov. 28. Visit Career Pathway for complete details and to register; a live stream of the event will be available at this YouTube link.

Diversity & Inclusion Spotlight: College of Medicine and Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and Professional Sciences

The Drexel University College of Medicine (CoM) is committed to increasing the number of people from underrepresented communities who are enrolled in the College and its graduate school’s programs and who make up the faculty and professional staff. Some of the CoM’s diversity and inclusion initiatives over the past couple years include:

  • Black Men in Medicine Initiative: The CoM’s ongoing internal task force and external Dean’s Diversity Advisory has raised awareness to promote change to a wider audience. This has made an impact on enrollment for this year, as CoM increased the number of incoming African-American males by 150 percent.
  • Community Engagement: The CoM nurtures a pipeline of diverse talent by supporting programs that reach middle and high schools, both public and charter, predominantly serving youth who are underrepresented in health and medicine. Through these programs, medical students tutor and mentor, aid in college prep, offer training in CPR and leadership skills, teach health science education and provide career exploration opportunities.
  • Mitigating Bias and Promoting Inclusion Workshop: A step-by-step approach to framing job descriptions, casting wide searches and avoiding unconscious bias in both faculty and student recruitment processes has been widely incorporated at the CoM. Since Sept. 2017, the Associate Dean of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion conducted over 14 faculty/staff workshops and four student workshops, reaching more than 300 faculty and staff and over 400 new and current students in CoM and its Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and Professional Studies.
  • Holistic Review Training: This process trains admissions committee members to evaluate the “whole person” beyond academic metrics, which supports the College’s work to recruit, enroll and support students from diverse backgrounds.

This Diversity & Inclusion Spotlight was excerpted from the Inclusive Community Review: FY2017 Accomplishments (formerly called the Diversity Achievement Plan Accomplishments Supplement), an annual report celebrating the diversity and inclusion-related achievements of each of Drexel’s academic and administrative units. For general questions about diversity and inclusion initiatives at Drexel, please contact the Office of Equality & Diversity at oed@drexel.edu.