Heard Around Campus — July

Heard Around Campus

Powering through the summer heat, Drexel University is looking ahead to the start of the 2017–18 academic year by creating search committees to fill key leadership positions and clean up the University City Campus.

Here’s what was heard around campus in July.

New and Revised Policies:

University Communications made a new policy regarding the use of the Drexel name and insignia policy.

The Office of Equality and Diversity revised its sexual and gender-based harassment and misconduct policy.

University City Campus Cleanup Runs Through August

University Facilities and Real Estate will be coordinating the annual University City Campus Cleanup through the entire month of August. The Cleanup is an opportunity for departments and offices to dispose of obsolete or broken equipment, furniture and other large, non-hazardous materials.

To participate, submit a WebTMA work request noting “Campus Cleanup” and providing a description of the items to be removed in the action requested. (Some oversized pieces of equipment and sensitive items may not qualify for the Campus Cleanup and will require special handling for disposal.) Be sure to clearly identify the items to be discarded, marking items with the work order number (FM-XXXXX) if possible. Email facilities@drexel.edu or call 215.895.1700 with any questions.

Campus cleanup

Items being disposed of from laboratories may not include hazardous waste or dangerous chemicals; for all hazardous waste, please contact Environmental Safety & Health at 215.895.5891 to arrange a special pick-up. 

Any items that can be recycled for use by other university departments should be posted on the Drexel Surplus Exchange (SharePoint site; sign-in required). For items that have residual value but are no longer useful for the University, please contact drexelsurplus@drexel.edu to see if they can be sold through the Surplus Sales program.

Announcing Several Replacement Searches for Our Academic Enterprise

In a July 14 email, Provost M. Brian Blake, PhD, detailed how the Office of the Provost has initiated searches for the next dean of the College of Engineeringvice provost for undergraduate education and vice provost for global initiatives.

Each search committee was composed of individuals from various stakeholder groups, including representatives from the faculty, professional staff, students, deans and alumni. Each search committee was formed based on consultation and recommendations from the respective academic/administrative units and the Faculty Senate. 

Here are the members of each search committee:

Search Committee for the Dean of the College of Engineering:

  • Yi Deng, Dean; College of Computing and Informatics (Chair) 
  • Kapil Dandekar, Professor; Electrical & Computer Engineering 
  • Yury Gogotsi, Professor; Materials Engineering 
  • Alisa Morss Clyne, Associate Professor; Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics 
  • Steve Wrenn, Associate Professor; Chemical Engineering 
  • Chuck Haas, L Drew Betz Chair Professor; Civil Arch & Environmental Engr 
  • Christine Fiori, Teaching Professor; Construction Mgt-Credit Programs 
  • Joan Weiner, Professor; Management 
  • Wan Shih, Associate Professor; School of Biomedical Engineering 
  • Amy Slaton, Professor; History 
  • Kenny Simansky, Vice Dean for Research; Pharmacology Control 
  • Alexandria Kapusta, B.S./M.S. Civil Engineering; Society of Women Engineers, President
  • Katie Van Aken, Graduate Student; College of Engineering 
  • Sharon Yates, Finance Manager; College of Engineering 
  • Debbie Buchwald, Executive Director for Corporate Relations 
  • Kevin O’Hara, Alumni Representative 
  • Jason Gersh, Finance Director, Office of the Provost 

Search Committee for the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education:

  • Stephen DiPietro, Vice Provost for Assessment, Accreditation & Institutional Effectiveness (Chair)
  • Susan Aldridge, Senior Vice President for Online Learning 
  • Alexander Friedlander, Associate Professor; Communication 
  • Ellen Giarelli, Associate Professor; Doctoral Nursing Programs 
  • Erin Horvat, Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs; Office of the Provost 
  • Anas Qatanani, Student, B.S. Biological Sciences; College of Arts and Sciences
  • Aleister Saunders, Senior Vice Provost for Research; Office of the Provost 

Search Committee for the Vice Provost for Global Initiatives:

  • Koren Bedeau, Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Strategic Initiatives (Chair)
  • Ludo Scheffer, Chair; Faculty Senate 
  • Daniela Ascarelli, Associate Vice Provost for International Programs, Director of Drexel Study Abroad
  • Dragon ’24 Student Representative 
  • Rogelio Minana, Professor; Global Studies and Modern Languages 
  • Allen Sabinson, Dean; College of Media Arts & Design 
  • Kairi Williams, Executive Director, Research Operations & Complianc

The Office of International Programs in Interim

While a six-month national search is underway for a new vice provost for global initiatives to head the Office of International Programs (OIP), certain aspects of the office will be managed in the meantime by the following Dragons:

Associate Vice Provost for International Programs and Director of Study Abroad Daniela (Dani) Ascarelli will be responsible for sustaining current and future strategic partnerships that serve our faculty and students. She will ensure that the strong processes and protocols that are already in place continue.

Vice Provost for International Development Shannon Marquez, PhD, will continue to work with our Dornsife Global Development Scholar program and will focus her energies on expanding these opportunities and finding new grant funding for Global Health projects.

Director for International Health Safety and Security Marcia Henisz will work with Blake to assist our travelers as they prepare to go overseas. In times of international crisis, Henisz will take the lead.

Associate Director Adam Zahn will continue managing on-campus programs, Global Classrooms, and international funding opportunities from OIP, including ITAs and seed funding. He will be Drexel's primary liaison to community stakeholders, and will work closely with Dani to welcome international research delegations. Zahn will also work closely with a group of faculty and professional staff who could serve as points of contact for each of our most critical strategic relationships.

Associate Director of Study Abroad Ahaji Schreffler will take on the day-to-day management of the Study Abroad Office and will continue to work with faculty as they develop ICAs and new mobility opportunities for our students.

Associate Director of Finance and Data Ryan Moffat wiill continue to support all of OIP's cost centers, data collection and related activities. 

“I would like to emphasize to the Drexel community that our commitment to internationalization, international research collaborations and international educational opportunities for our university community will not change and will be even stronger moving forward,” Blake wrote in the email. “The Office of International Programs will continue to enhance Drexel's global impact and engage with local, national and international partners in promoting Drexel.”