Drexel students study in the library in 1892. Photo courtesy University Archives. What Was Drexel Like 125 Years Ago?
Drexel students, faculty, staff and alumni are celebrating Drexel’s 125th anniversary this year. What would Drexel have been like if they were on campus when it first opened?
WSJ Drexel Ranked in the Top 8 Percent of U.S. Colleges and Universities
Drexel was recently named 82nd out of over 1,000 U.S. colleges and universities and placed in the top 400 of international institutions.
Heard Around Campus Heard Around Campus — September
Here’s what you need to know about what’s been happening on campus and what’s ahead in the coming weeks.
James Galanos Evening Dress Drexel’s Fox Historic Costume Collection Receives Gift from James G. Galanos Foundation
The Robert and Penny Fox Historic Costume Collection (FHCC) of the Westphal College of Media Arts and Design has received a gift from the James G. Galanos Foundation. This gift, comprising nearly 700 couture-level ensembles dating from the 1960s to his retirement in 1998 will form The James G. Galanos Archive at Drexel University. This donation will be augmented in the coming year by additional support materials relating to the career of James Galanos from the James G. Galanos Foundation.
Dermatologist checking patient Study: African-American Organ Transplant Recipients at Risk for Skin Cancer
A new study from the College of Medicine suggests all organ transplant recipients, regardless of race, should receive routine, total-body screenings for skin cancer.
A child holding up one of his baby teeth. Autism Researchers Looking at Baby Teeth to Identify Risk Factors
A group of autism researchers led by Drexel’s Craig Newschaffer will use new technology to study the baby teeth of children who have siblings with autism — considered high-risk already — to determine if they’re more likely to develop the disorder if exposed to chemicals in the womb.
ripplocation Drexel Researchers Use Layered Metals to Show How Nature's 'Dislocations' Occur
Every material can bend and break. Through nearly a century’s worth of research, scientists have had a pretty good understanding of how and why. But, according to new findings from Drexel University materials science and engineering researchers, our understanding of how layered materials succumb to stresses and strains was lacking. The report suggests that, when compressed, layered materials — everything from sedimentary rocks, to beyond-whisker-thin graphite — will form a series of internal buckles, or ripples, as they deform.
Zora Neale Hurston in 1936, the year she published "Their Eyes Were Watching God." Drexel’s Writers Room Kicks Off ‘NEA Big Read’ With Drummers, Dance and a Poetry Slam
Having received an “NEA Big Read” grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, Drexel’s Writers Room will honor novelist Zora Neale Hurston.
President John A. Fry addresses the crowd at the 2016 Convocation event. Drexel’s Historic 2016 Convocation
The start of the 2016-17 academic year, as well as Drexel’s 125th anniversary, was officially kicked off with this year’s Convocation.
Banner for Drexel's 125th anniversary. Drexel Throws Itself a Yearlong 125th Anniversary Party
To honor its 1891 founding, Drexel has planned a year’s worth of events and celebrations for the 2016-17 academic year, including exhibits, a special historical book and even a special Drexel beer.
Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Upland, Pa. is part of Crozer-Keystone Health System. Crozer-Chester Medical Center to Become Drexel College of Medicine’s Sixth Regional Medical Campus
Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Delaware County will serve as a regional medical campus for Drexel University College of Medicine, beginning July 2017.
A diorama featuring four different aoudads, or Barbary sheep, a species native to North Africa. Academy of Natural Sciences Collections Available Now on Google Cultural Institute
Travel through time with new natural history collections from the Academy of Natural Sciences and others on Google Arts & Culture.
George W. Gephart Jr. President of the Academy of Natural Sciences Will Retire Next Year
George W. Gephart Jr., who led the Academy of Natural Sciences into its affiliation with Drexel, will retire next year.
Drexel Bday Happy 190th Birthday, A.J. Drexel
Drexel University celebrated the 190th birthday of its founder, Anthony “Tony” J. Drexel, with an ice cream party on Sept. 13, 2016.
trainer Drexel Partners With Up2Us Sports to Help Veterans Become Youth Coaches
This fall, Marcedes Kennedy will be the first military veteran to pursue a master’s degree in Sport Coaching Leadership in Drexel University’sCenter for Hospitality and Sport Management. As part of a new partnership with the non-profit organization,Up2Us Sports, called Operation Coach, she will immediately put her coaching leadership skills to the test as a mentor to Philadelphia children who are hitting the courts and the bookswith a local program called SquashSmarts. The partnership aims to help veterans work their way into coaching and community building while getting a degree.
Molly D. Shepard Molly Shepard to Receive 2017 Woman One Award
The Woman One program annually honors an outstanding woman for her leadership in the Philadelphia community and raises scholarship funds for talented, underrepresented women studying at the College of Medicine.
Move in day 2016 Move-In Day 2016 Recap
The new academic year doesn’t seem real until the incoming freshmen move in. This weekend, they did just that.
pin for clinton and trump Panel of Business Professors Gives Goldman Sachs a Grade of ‘C-’ for New Campaign Contribution Policies
A Drexel University poll asked a panel of business school professors to grade Goldman Sachs on new rules that effectively ban the firm’s partners from contributing to certain political campaigns, including the Trump-Pence ticket. Overall, the panel, involving experts from 39 world-renowned universities, gave Goldman Sachs a “C-” for how it is handling this political issue.
MXene film Containing Our 'Electromagnetic Pollution'
If you’ve ever heard your engine rev through your radio while listening to an AM station in your car, or had your television make a buzzing sound when your cell phone is near it, then you’ve experienced electromagnetic interference. This phenomenon, caused by radio waves, can originate from anything that creates, carries or uses an electric current, including television and internet cables, and, of course cell phones and computers. A group of researchers at Drexel University and the Korea Institute of Science & Technology is working on cleaning up this electromagnetic pollution by containing the emissions with a thin coating of a nanomaterial called MXene.
Interior of Main Building. Public Lecture Series Launched to Celebrate Drexel’s 125 Years
This fall, Drexel will hold a series of free lectures dedicated to telling certain chapters of Drexel’s history.
An artist's depiction of what the Strud nursery ecosystem may have looked like, including the three different placoderm species discovered at the site and the likely plant-life there. Image by Justine Jacquot-Hameon/PLOS-One. ‘Nursery’ Discovered in Belgium Provides Insight into Prehistoric Fish Life
The discovery of a group of young, prehistoric fish fossils provides some insights into the extinct creatures’ lives — and how fish today might be similar to them.
Lotus logo for The Building Wealth and Health Network with the tagline "My Power. My Money." Study: Safety Net Programs Don’t Support High Rates of Trauma in Participants
A recent study by researchers from Drexel University’s Center for Hunger-Free Communities found that a high number of participants in a federal cash assistance program have suffered significant childhood adversity, exposure to violence as adults and other poverty-related stressors, highlighting the need to take participants’ past trauma into account.
Move-In Day 2015. What's Happening During Welcome Week 2016
This year, the incoming class of 2016 will be introduced to Drexel through Welcome Week, a weeklong student orientation program designed to help students get acclimated to their new home.
Glimcher Leading Physician-Scientist Laurie H. Glimcher to Receive 2016 Marion Spencer Fay Award at Drexel
The award, named after the former dean and president of Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, annually honors a woman who has made a significant contribution to medicine.