Know Where Your Mind is During Brain Awareness Week

Brain Awareness Week is March 14-18

The Drexel Department of Psychology will be hosting multiple student- and community-oriented events during Brain Awareness Week, March 14-18, with the goal to educate community members about current trends in scientific research as it relates to brain health across the lifespan and, more generally, to raise awareness about healthy brain habits. Here's how you can be more aware of the mysterious organ inside your skull:

Neuromyths Library Display

March 7 to March 18 at the Hagerty Library

Do humans really use only 10% of their brains? Are some people “right brained” and some people “left brained”? Visit the Hagerty Library to explore interactive displays of brain myths and facts. The library display will debunk commonly held beliefs and present current research about the brain. Learn about the history of brain research, beginning with phrenology and leading into current conceptualizations of brain organization. Vote on the true and false differences between male and female brains. Come to the Hagerty Library to learn all this and more!

Drexel Psychology Research Open House

March 14 at Stratton Hall

The psychology research open house will offer an overview of the research occurring in various laboratories within the psychology department at Drexel. This event will include brief presentations given by professors in the department describing their work and its impact on the field, as well as a guided tour of the spaces in which their research is cond. During this tour, graduate students or their principle investigators will provide a short tour of their lab, pointing out and explaining any particular potential points of interest (eye-tracking devices, virtual driving simulators, etc.). This event is geared toward encouraging the involvement of undergraduate and high school students in psychology research being conducted in their communities, by highlighting the exciting work being done here.

Brain Film Festival - Inside Out

March 15 at Stratton Hall, Room 113 

The Department of Psychology and Drexel Psi Chi are hosting a Film Festival open to Drexel students and the general public. Join us for a FREE screening of Inside Out, followed by a panel discussion with experts in the fields of Psychology, and Neuropsychology as they discuss issues raised in the film, highlight truths and inaccuracies, and answer questions from the audience.

Brain Food Event at the Dornsife Center

March 17,  Dornsife Center, Ryan Hall, Room S209 

This is a community-wide event taking place at the Drexel Dornsife Center. The purpose of this event is to increase community awareness about evidence-based strategies for maintaining cognitive health and fitness throughout the lifespan. Speakers will provide information about maintaining brain health from childhood through older adulthood through multiple interactive displays, manned by Drexel faculty and students. Brain-healthy food and refreshments will be served.