Drexel police vehicle Who You Gonna Call? Understanding the Drexel Police Department
If you live in the residence halls on the north end of campus or in one of the homes in Powelton Village, you’ve probably seen Drexel Police on the beat — along with several other law enforcement groups with jurisdiction over the area. Here’s how they all work together to keep you safe.
Images of three different synapses. Photos by Mitchell D'Rozario. Double Duty: Proteins Associated with Schizophrenia Hang Around Longer Than Previously Thought
While most scientists believe that TCF4 proteins degraded and disappeared after they assigned jobs to cells in the nervous system, a Drexel University research team discovered that the proteins were hanging around afterward and telling the cells how to do those jobs.
Drexel Square rendering Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Schuylkill Yards
The announcement of a landmark partnership between Drexel and Brandywine Realty Trust to develop a 14-acre district called Schuylkill Yards on long-underutilized land adjacent to 30th Street Station inspired headlines, conversation, pride — and also questions. DrexelNow spoke with Keith Orris, Drexel’s senior vice president for corporate relations and economic development, about what this long-term project means for the Drexel community right now.
Lynn Yeakel Drexel’s Vision 2020 and U.S. Sen. Casey Lead Efforts to Designate Philadelphia as the Site of the 19th Amendment Centennial
In year 2020, Philadelphia will serve as a backdrop for women leaders to convene and celebrate the anniversary of women securing the right to vote.
East fork of the Bear River, one of the study sites. Un-Muddying Waters: Drexel Researchers Studying Climate Change in Mongolian, U.S. Rivers
As a part of a National Science Foundation macroecology study spanning two continents, a team of researchers from the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University will compare river systems in grassland areas of Asia and North America to see how they function and how human activity, including the effects of climate change alters that.
An undated photograph from the Drexel University Archives of the Drexel's Women's Club. The Club That Fostered a Sense of 'Belonging' for Women at Drexel
Started about 90 years ago, the Drexel Women’s Club changed what it meant to be a woman tied to Drexel through personal or professional connections.
Drexel faculty (from left) Longjian Liu, Carol Collier and Franco Montalto were among the eight participants who traveled to Paris, France to represent Drexel at the 2015 COP21 conference. Drexel Talks Climate Change
Drexel’s participation in the annual United Nations Conference on Climate Change in December empowered eight Drexel faculty, staff and students. Each came away with a different, rewarding experience that they’ll share at a public event next month.
nanobrush Drexel Materials Scientists Roll Out New Method For Making The Invisible Brushes That Repel Dirt
Drexel researchers have reported on a new method for producing the polymer "nanobrush" coating that is used to prevent ships from corroding, glasses from smudging and artificial joint replacements from locking up. The procedure, which involves growing two-dimensional sheets of polymer nano crystals, is more efficient and controllable than current methods — according to the researchers, it's like making a lawn by putting down sod, rather than planting grass and hoping it grows.
Heard Around Campus Heard Around Campus — March 2016
The coming of spring means changes, and this March is no exception. From updates to the P-Card policy to workshops you can use to improve yourself, change is all around. In case you missed them, here are some campus developments that might just be the change you need.
From left to right: Rob Jackson, Facility Supervisor at the Wright Recreation Center; Lawrence Souder, Director of Drexel Edits and host of "Good Morning, Neighbors"; and Nick Surgent, an undergraduate at Drexel University's Bennett S. LeBow College of Business and one of several Drexel Community Scholars WKDU Greets Local Nonprofits With 'Good Morning, Neighbors'
Student-run radio station WKDU, center for the support of nonprofit communications Drexel Edits and the Lindy Center for Civic Engagement come together to welcome local nonprofit organizations with “Good Morning, Neighbors,” a series of biweekly radio interviews.
Match Day 2016 Emotions Run High as Drexel Medical Students Meet Their Matches
At Match Day 2016, Drexel University College of Medicine students discovered where they would begin their careers as doctors.
Lily Pad app Drexel's Lilypad Makes It Easier For Teachers To Take Notes Too
Researchers from Drexel University’s College of Computing & Informatics, the School of Education and the A.J. Drexel Autism Institute are trying making it easier for behavioral health professionals in the classroom to stick to their plans and understand how well they’re working. Their solution: an information tracking system called Lilypad helps behavioral specialists take notes in real time and track students' progress — even in chaotic classroom environments.
Rachel Bernhardt in front of the pool at the Rec Center Need for Speed: Drexel Swimmer Heads to the NCAAs
Junior Rachel Bernhardt’s drive to constantly improve herself earned her a spot in the 2016 NCAA Division I Women's Swimming and Diving Championships. She is the first swimmer, male or female, to represent Drexel at the NCAA.
Dr. Gloria Donnelly Gloria Donnelly to Conclude Deanship at CNHP
Provost M. Brian Blake announced on March 16 that Gloria Donnelly will conclude her service as dean of Drexel’s College of Nursing and Health Professions at the end of the 2015-16 academic year
health care Drexel and Coventry University to Host Workshop on Serious Games For Health Care
A gathering of international researchers, developers, professors, entrepreneurs and physicians will convene at Drexel University’s Expressive and Creative Interaction Technologies (ExCITe) Center at the end of March to have a discussion about video games and how they can help improve people’s health, aid the healing process and guide caregivers.
A Fitter U A Fitter U Q&A: March 2016
Joe Giandonato, Drexel's manager of health promotion and resident fitness expert, is once again fielding questions from the Drexel community. This month, he discusses high-tech and low-tech ways to get the most out of your workout.
A pair of Ceuthophilus crickets. Surface-Going Cave Crickets Actually More Isolated Than Cave-Dwelling Cousins
Although other studies on cave-dwelling creatures have found that animals that spend all of their lives in the dark of caves are more likely to be genetically isolated, a recent study on two groups of crickets found the opposite.
Brain Awareness Week is March 14-18 Know Where Your Mind is During Brain Awareness Week
The Drexel Department of Psychology is hosting multiple student- and community-oriented events during Brain Awareness Week, March 14-18, with the goal to educate community members about current trends in scientific research as it relates to brain health across the lifespan and, more generally, to raise awareness about healthy brain habits.
Serratia marcescens Drexel Research Helps Bacteria-Powered Microrobots Plot a Course
A team of engineers at Drexel University recently published research on a method for using electric fields to help tiny bio-robots propelled by flagellated bacteria navigate around obstacles in a fluid environment. These microrobots could one day be used for building microscopic devices or even delivering medication at the cellular level.
Still life by Floris van Dyck, 1610 Table Matters is Back for Another Helping
The food-based online journal Table Matters returns in its third incarnation with a hunger for peculiar, erudite contemplation of just exactly how we are what we eat.
Eciton burchellii ants, among the above-ground species that appeared to regrow the parts of the brain used for sight. Seeing the Light: Army Ants Evolve to Regain Sight and More in Return to Surface’s Complex Environment
A study of army ants revealed that some species increased their brain size, including visual brain regions, after evolving above-ground behavior. Their ancestors had lived mainly underground for nearly 60 million years. Such increases in brain capacity are a rarely-studied evolutionary phenomenon.
Eileen McDonnell, president and CEO of Penn Mutual and Drexel's 2016 Business Leader of the Year Drexel Names Penn Mutual Chairman and CEO Eileen C. McDonnell 2016 Business Leader of the Year
Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business has named Penn Mutual Chairman and CEOEileen C. McDonnell as its 2016 Business Leader of the Year. McDonnell will be honored at a luncheon celebrating her achievements on April 5.
Colleen Farrell in Afghanistan They Needed Women More Than They Thought: Drexel Veterans Speak on the Role of Women in the Military
Five Drexel vets gathered on March 2 to discuss the hardships and successes of serving as women in the American and Israeli military.
Hahnemann Emergency Room Drexel Researchers Testing Most Effective Seizure Treatments 
College of Medicine Researchers are conducting an emergency medicine study to find out the most effective drug for treating a life-threatening condition.
Tuya and Clyde Goulden administering a survey about perceptions of climate change with a nomadic herder named Nyamochir in Mongolia. Photo by Lkhagva Ariuntsetseg. Academy of Natural Sciences Researcher Proves Mongolian Herders Right in Climate Research
When it comes to climate change, serious issues can sometimes hide behind walls of data. In talking to nomadic herders in Mongolia, the Academy of Natural Sciences’ Clyde Goulden was able to confirm their feelings that they were experiencing a significant increase in short, intense rainstorms that threaten the herders’ way of life.
A lit light bulb. Trust Your Aha! Moments, Experiments Show They’re Probably Right
A series of experiments showed that sudden insight may yield more correct solutions than using gradual, methodical thinking.
rain water barrel Down the Drain: Here's Why We Should Use Rainwater to Flush Toilets
If you live in one of four major U.S. cities chances are you’re letting the benefits of a ubiquitous natural resource go right down the drain — when it could be used to cut down your water bill. Research by a team of Drexel University environmental engineers indicates that it rains enough in Philadelphia, New York, Seattle and Chicago that if homeowners had a way to collect and store the rain falling on their roofs, they could flush their toilets often without having to use a drop of municipal water.
Momtaz Alhindi Pivot Point: The President’s Report
John A. Fry’s annual president’s report shows off the fruits of 2015 — prioritizing ‘right fit’ students and investing in financial aid, co-op support and advising and collaborations with other like-minded organizations.
Participants in last year's Indoor Triathlon race to the finish line Drexel’s Indoor Triathlon Brings Athletes in From the Cold
Drexel will hold a triathlon/duathlon inside the Recreation Center, allowing you to run, bike and swim despite the chilling weather, and registration is open now.
Laurelle Holley, a senior sport management major, stands outside the Mandell Theater. Putting on a Show for Co-op — In a Good Way!
Seen any fun shows or events on campus or in the city? Chances are, Laurelle Holley might have helped put the show on.
Drexel Square rendering Drexel and Brandywine Realty Trust Partner on “Schuylkill Yards” Innovation Development
Drexel and Brandywine Realty Trust made history as they announced their partnership and unveiled plans for Philadelphia’s Schuylkill Yards innovation development, a 14-acre master planned community. Initial phases of the projected 20-year development plan will consist of 5 million gross square feet of mixed-use real estate on a 10-acre site next to Drexel’s main campus and adjacent to Amtrak’s 30th Street Station and Brandywine’s Cira Centre.
Aerial view of 30th Street District 30th Street Station District Plan Open House March 16
Amtrak, Drexel, and its partners will hold an open house to review the 30th Street Station District Plan. The development of this Draft District Plan brings the 30th Street Station community one step closer to the final District Plan, which will present a vision for the 30th Street Station District for the next 25 years and beyond.
Ukiyo-e print on display in the Rincliffe Gallery Pictures of the Floating World: New Drexel Collection Exhibit Showcases Beautiful Block-Prints from Japan
A selection of Japanese woodblock prints from The Drexel Collection also known as ukiyo-e, are on display in the Rincliffe Gallery. These gorgeous prints depict actors, beauties and scenes of daily life in 19th-century Japan.
Anita Sarkeesian at the ExCITe Center No Easy Questions for Anita Sarkeesian at the ExCITe Center
Media critic Anita Sarkeesian, known for her Feminist Frequency video series “Tropes vs Women” and “Video Games vs Women,” answered student-submitted questions about her beginnings, the state of the video game industry today and what she sees for the future.