Heard Around Campus Heard Around Campus — June 2015
DrexelNow catches you up on construction projects and the messages and items you might have missed throughout this month.
The image being used by Drexel's National Endowment for the Humanities summer institute, "Just My Style." Director Explains Themes of Drexel’s Summer Design Institute
Hosting Drexel’s first-ever summer institute on design history, Westphal College of Media Arts & Design’s David Raizman talks with DrexelNow about the themes that will be presented by scholars at the institute.
The good bruschetta used in Jacob Lahne's study. Study Finds A Good Appetizer Could Make Your Main Course Less Enjoyable
Think twice about that appetizer: One Drexel professor found that the first course has the potential to influence main courses for better or for worse.
achiral microswimmer robot Drexel's Microscale 'Transformer' Robots Are Joining Forces to Break Through Blocked Arteries
Swarms of microscopic, magnetic, robotic beads could be scrubbing in next to the world’s top vascular surgeons—all taking aim at blocked arteries.
"Unfair: The New Science of Criminal Injustice" by Adam Benforado. Drexel Law Prof Publishes Book on “Unfair” Criminal Justice System
Psychology can help make a fairer criminal justice system, says Adam Benforado, an associate professor of law.
John and Mary Semanik Award winners Robert Liberatore and Melissa Chapman, with their coaches, Doug Hess and Ray Goon. A Q&A With the 2015 Semanik Award Winners
The soccer players honored with Drexel’s highest honor for athletics shared their on-field memories and feelings about receiving the Semanik Awards with DrexelNow.
power plants Drexel Engineers: To Save Water, Cool Power Plants With Wax
Recent drought conditions in California have focused attention on the nation’s need to protect its water supply. As a result, the U.S. Department of Energy is looking for a better way to cool off some of the country’s 7,304 power plants—99 percent of which are water-cooled. With DoE support, researchers from the College of Engineer are developing technology that can cool plants with wax instead of water.
Amtrak open house 30th Street Station District Plan Reveals Three New Concepts for Building Over Rail Yards
Amtrak and its partners in the 30th Street Station District Plan hosted an open house for the public to hear about the progress of the planning process for the 175-acre area surrounding the station.
brain images show reduced cortical surface area and increased cortical thickness in Down Syndrome Thick Cortex Could Be Key in Down Syndrome
The thickness of the brain’s cerebral cortex could be a key to unlocking answers about intellectual development in youth with Down Syndrome, according to a new study led by a Drexel psychologist.
Relief workers handing out food in Nepal in the days following devastating earthquakes in April. After Earthquake, Nepali Drexel Students, Grad Rallying for Their Country
Drexel’s students with connections to Nepal are doing the best to continue helping their home country recover from a devastating series of earthquakes by coordinating aid efforts on the ground and raising money.
Evelyn Netsky Award: Most Saleable Senior Collection — Margaret Heil. Check Out Some of Drexel’s 2015 Senior Projects
Drexel seniors were especially creative this year when creating and completing projects that encompassed everything they've learned during their studies.
Top 100 Worldwide Granted U.S. Utility Patents 2014 Drexel in Worldwide Top 100 List for Patents
Placing amidst some big names in innovation, Drexel was named on a Top 100 list for having patents issued in 2014.
wasp colony Do Insect Societies Share Brain Power?
A new Drexel study suggests that social behavior evolved very differently in the brains of social insects than in vertebrate animals such as mammals, birds and fish.
Photo of Charmatz performance at MoMa Pew Center for Arts & Heritage Grant Will Bring Acclaimed Choreographer Boris Charmatz to Drexel
With the support of a $234,400 grant from The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, Drexel University will host acclaimed French choreographer Boris Charmatz for a residency in September 2016.
The Main Stage at the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware. WKDU's GM Gives His Top 5 to See at Firefly
Add these artists to your list for the Firefly Music Festival, courtesy of WKDU's student general manager.
The group of Drexel nursing practice doctoral students who participated in a study abroad program in Canada. Due North: Drexel Students Learn Nuances of Canadian Health Care
A collection of Drexel students studying for their doctorates in nursing practice took a trip up north to better understand the differences between Canada’s and the United States’ health-care systems.
swarm of army ants Underground Ants Can't Take the Heat
A new Drexel study shows underground species of army ants are much less tolerant of high temperatures than their aboveground relatives—and that could mean climate change models lack a key element of how animal physiology could affect responses to changing environments.
A full collection at the Senior Fashion Show. See Who Won Awards at the Senior Fashion Show
Graduating fashion design students’ collections rocked the runway earlier this month. See who took home awards with their fresh designs.
Students from the Drexel College of Medicine gathered at their graduation. Drexel's 128th Commencement on Social Media
Check out a collection of the sights and sounds from all of Drexel's graduation ceremonies this year.
Phot of PECO Exelon grant check presentation Exelon Foundation and PECO Continue Support of Successful West Philadelphia Education Partnership
A program spearheaded by PECO and Drexel University to improve public school options for families in West Philadelphia will receive new life thanks to a $500,000 grant from the Exelon Foundation and PECO.
Drexel's seniors raising their glasses in the traditional end-of-year toast. Champagne Wishes for Drexel’s Departing Seniors
The Class of 2015 shared a drink with President John A. Fry just days remaining before their graduation and transition into alumni.
Members of the Drexel rugby team hold the trophy they won in the Philadelphia showcase of the Collegiate Rugby Championship May 30–31. Drexel Rugby Wins City 4 Championship
Playing in a showcase tournament at the Collegiate Rugby Championship, Drexel emerged as Philadelphia’s champion and turned some heads as a rising star in the sport.
Swatches and designs from Drexel senior Ying Zhang's collection. Drexel Fashion Designs Rock the Runway at Annual Senior Fashion Show, June 6
With influences ranging from Miley Cyrus to modern ballerinas, the collections of 29 graduating fashion design students will hit the runway at the Drexel University’s Annual Senior Fashion Show on Saturday, June 6.
Teacher naturalist Caitlin Halligan at Academy of Natural Sciences' making a face as she presents on a skunk's scent to a group of children. Learning from the 'Grossness' of Animals
Let’s face it: Animals can be gross. But what can we learn from some of the things that we find disgusting or weird? A new exhibit at the Academy of Natural Sciences shows us.
The crowd at Drexel's annual Food Day. In Photos: The Best of A Healthier U 2014–15
As this school year winds down, take a look at some of the biggest highlights of Drexel’s University-wide health and wellness program since last fall.
One of Drexel's best mentions from May, from @mrssxaks. The Most Popular Tweets, Posts and Shares of the Month — May 2015
Check out highlights from Drexel’s social media this month, including graduations, a dominant Dad Vail Regatta performance and a few “gross” things.