Colleen Shannon MBA Student Prefers a 'Smaller, Cozier' Drexel Experience
Through Drexel's MBA Anywhere program, grad student Colleen Shannon says she's getting a rich college experience that will "open a lot of doors" in her professional career.
Dr. Donna DeCarolis, founding dean of Drexel's Close School of Entrepreneurship Drexel Establishes Close School of Entrepreneurship
Thanks to recent gifts from the Charles and Barbara Close Foundation, Drexel will establish the Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship that will be one of a very small number of freestanding schools of entrepreneurship in the nation and the only one in Philadelphia.
Brick NJ Hurricane Sandy Sandy damage imaging
Images of the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy have captured the immense power of what many experts have termed a “superstorm.” These snapshots and videos might not tell the whole story, however. A group of Drexel University engineers are now trying to give rescue and recovery workers a better picture of the storm’s damages that can’t be seen by the naked eye.
brain Q&A with Dr. Christine Nezu: Redefining the Diagnosis of Personality Disorders
Drexel's Dr. Christine Nezu shared her thoughts regarding personality disorders and the diagnostic changes currently under review by the American Psychiatric Association.
Dr. Allison Ferris Ask the Doctor: Important Resolutions for 2013 (and For Life)
Now one month into the new year, Drexel's Dr. Allison Ferris suggests a few resolutions that are extreme; important to follow for a healthy remainder of the year and beyond.
The Math Forum Drexel Partners with McGraw Hill to Improve Math Education Through Online Tools
Drexel University’s School of Education has formed a unique partnership with McGraw-Hill School Education Group (SEG) to improve math education in classrooms through the Math Forum @ Drexel, the leading online math education community.
Drexel and 1812 Productions Team Up to Present "To Fool the Eye"
Drexel University and Philadelphia theater company 1812 Productions have partnered together to present Jeffrey Hatcher’s comedy confection To Fool The Eye, an adaptation of the romantic comedy Léocadia by Jean Anouilh, as part of Drexel's Mandell Professionals in Residence Project (MPiRP).
Bioko island International Co-op Experience Changes Senior's Career Path
Many fashion design students hope to visit Paris or Milan. Senior Amy Stoltzfus wanted something different. So, she went to Bioko Island.
Sustainability in the Built environment minor Westphal Launches New Minor in Sustainability
The Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design recently launched a new minor intended to meet a growing demand from architecture and interiors students looking for more in-depth knowledge and content related to sustainable design.
main building Introducing Drexel Central
The University is developing Drexel Central, a one-stop location for students and families to receive answers to all billing, financial aid and registration inquiries.
2013 inauguration Q&A with Bill Rosenberg: The Second Inauguration of President Barack Obama
Bill Rosenberg, professor of history and politics and director of Drexel’s Survey Research Center, shares his thoughts about the history of presidential inaugurations and what President Obama’s ceremony on January 21 says about his second term in office.
Diane Sicotte What I’m Reading: Diane Sicotte
Drexel’s Diane Sicotte says the book she's reading highlights an important piece of Philadelphia's past that's often overlooked—the city's environmental history.
Provocative Kenyan-Born Artist Wangechi Mutu Exhibits Work At Drexel, Feb 15 - Mar 30
Next month, the work of provocative Kenyan-born, Brooklyn-based artist Wangechi Mutu will be featured as the inaugural exhibition in Drexel's newly expanded Leonard Pearlstein Gallery.
binge drinking Q&A with Taylor Anderson:The Dangers of Binge Drinking for Women
One in eight women in the U.S. participates in binge drinking, according to a recent report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. DrexelNow asked Drexel professor Taylor Anderson about the results of the CDC report and how the effects of binge drinking are unique to women.
Gayatri Kamath Top 5 Reasons to Love Drexel’s Quarter System
Business major Gayatri Kamath will graduate in June but, before she goes, she shares the top five reasons why Drexel's quarter system is easier to love than traditional semesters.
Michael Glaser What I’m Reading: Michael Glaser
Assistant professor Michael Glaser had low expectations when he picked up After the Future by Franco Berardi. Now he's racing to finish it.
BEEs natural history collection course 'The Real Evidential Stuff': Students Explore Academy Collections in New Environmental Science Course
A new course for freshmen this winter term showcases one of the most fundamental components of biology and environmental science: natural history collections.
A Drexel student signs out a MacBook for use Drexel Introduces Kiosk that Dispenses MacBooks
Drexel University introduced a 24-hour, self-service vending machine located in the W. W. Hagerty Library that will dispense Macbooks for use by students, faculty and staff. Drexel is the third university on the East Coast to introduce the kiosk, which holds up to 12 Macbooks that could be checked out free by anyone with a Drexel ID for five hours.
Zachary Engineering Senior Says Drexel Was an Easy Choice
Drexel senior Zachary Takenakos said that his love of computers led him straight to Drexel, the best possible place for an engineering degree, he said.
Drexel Medicine practice Drexel Medicine Practice for Faculty and Staff Now Open in University City
Getting in to see a doctor is now much easier for Drexel faculty and professional staff in University City with the opening of a new practice at 34th and Market Streets.
Danuta Nitecki Q&A with Danuta Nitecki: The Future of Libraries
DrexelNow spoke with Dean of Libraries Danuta Nitecki on the role of libraries at Drexel University and in the academic enterprise.
Artwork created in the Porch Light workshops at 11th Street emphasizes medicinal plants and the meaning of home. Art and Healing Intersect at 11th Street Health Center with Mural Arts Porch Light Initiative
This year, Drexel's 11th Street Family Health Services is participating in the Porch Light Initiative, a project that situates art and human connection at the heart of recovery and healing in distressed Philadelphia neighborhoods.