Rendering of Chestnut Square Retail Chestnut Square Expands Retail
Drexel University and American Campus Communities, Inc. have added businesses to Chestnut Square’s retail space, the newest urban mixed-use housing, with the announcement of Yogorino, Plaza Art, and Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union in addition to Barnes and Noble and featured eateries coZara, Shake Shack®, Zavino and Joe Coffee.
'We Created Hugo Chávez' 'We Created Hugo Chávez'
In this excerpt from his recently released book, Drexel political science professor George Ciccariello-Maher argues that discussions about Venezuelan politics far too often focused on Hugo Chávez, the man who sat in the president’s office, rather than the movement—and the people—who put him there.
Chelsea Stone Grad Student's Research on Asthma Will Make You Gasp
Chelsea Stone's graduate research on asthma has taken her from the halls of Philadelphia’s St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children to the schoolrooms of the Haitian American Caucus in Haiti and, she hopes, to community centers in Pune, India.
Danielle Rice So You Want to Run a Museum?: Q&A with Danielle Rice
Danielle Rice joins Drexel in September as the director of the new Museum Leadership program in Westphal College of Media Arts & Design.
field hockey coach Well Worth the Effort
Denise Zelenak arrived at Drexel 18 years ago with big dreams for a then-little program. After nearly two decades of hard work, those dreams have come to fruition.
March on Washington Q&A With Kevin Woodson: 50 Years After the March on Washington
Fifty years after the historic March on Washington, Kevin Woodson, an assistant professor in the Earle Mack School of Law, says it's important for the nation to recognize and celebrate the hard-earned victories of the past without losing sight of the formidable problems that remain.
soccer All in the Family
His mom was a volleyball star, and his sister was a scholarship soccer player. With his success so far at Drexel, Ken Tribbett is doing his part to uphold his family’s tradition of sporting success.
nvigor founders iSchool Duo Helps Startup Students on a Shoestring Conserve While They Learn
Abhiroop Das and Dias Gotama came up with the concept for nvigor, a nonprofit company that works to fuel the Philadelphia student tech and entrepreneurship scene.
chickens Double Lives: Ken Lacovara Raises Tiny Dinosaurs in his Backyard
For Ken Lacovara, an associate professor in the College of Arts & Science’s Biodiversity, Earth & Environmental Science (BEES) department, a typical day of studying prehistoric fossils might begin when he eats eggs from the dinosaurs roaming his backyard.
Hospice class Drexel Students Write "Life Journals" for Local Hospice Patients
“A Beautiful Life” is a community-based learning course in the Department of English & Philosophy which pairs students with a patient in an area hospice or home to pen a “life journal” that will chronicle the patient’s life experiences for their family and loved ones. Taught by Kenneth Bingham, a teaching professor of English, the 11 students range in areas of study from biology to English, film, nursing and psychology.
Klassen What I’m Reading: Ann Carroll Klassen
Ann Carroll Klassen’s recent book of choice was “Tom’s River: A Story of Science and Salvation” by Dan Fagin. Klassen enjoyed the way Fagin used fascinating research and hard-hitting investigative reporting to produce a stirring story about cancer epidemiology.
City Council Representative William Greenlee, Walmart representative Jason Klipa, Dr. Gloria Donnelly, Dr. Patty Gerrity, Sandy Sheller and Steve Sheller unveil a plaque at 11th Street. 11th Street Family Health Services Cooks Up A Recipe for Healthy Living with the Walmart Foundation
Nutrition and fitness opportunities at the 11th Street Family Health Services of Drexel University (11th Street) have never been better, thanks to a recent $100,000 contribution from the Walmart Foundation. The 11th Street community and Drexel marked their appreciation today by unveiling a special plaque dedicated to Walmart and inviting guests and patients to join a healthy cooking class.
mid-atlantic emmy Recent Drexel Grads Check Emmy Nomination Off Goal List
Many professionals in the television and film industry spend their entire careers working toward an Emmy nomination. That accolade came early for a group of Drexel alumni recently nominated for the prestigious honor.
"Don't Wash Your Chicken" Video Vignettes Make Cooking Safer
Drexel food safety researchers have helped develop a new educational campaign to raise awareness that washing raw poultry prior to cooking risks spreading bacteria, without any benefit of removing or killing them.
Geek Award Winners 2013
In a strong showing for some of Drexel University’s best and brightest, Frank Lee, an associate professor in Westphal and director of the Entrepreneurial Game Studio, and undergraduate digital media student Greg Lobanov were among the winners at the 2013 Philadelphia Geek Awards.
laptop Hallelujah or Hype? A Q&A on MOOCs with Mike Scheuermann
Rarely does news about college course delivery bubble up out of the higher education press to the front pages of worldwide media. But that’s what’s happened with massively open online courses, or MOOCs.
Drexel Experts Available to Comment on 50th Anniversary of March on Washington
On August 28, citizens from across the country will converge on our nation’s capital to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the historic March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. President Obama will honor the anniversary of the famous civil rights march by speaking from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, the same place that Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech. Experts at Drexel University in Philadelphia are available to assist the news media with their coverage of the event and its implications from a variety of perspectives.
ANS Explore App
A new student-designed mobile application helps visitors explore the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University.
Jay Rappaport Double Lives Series: Jay Rappaport Soups Up Power Wheels
Find out what the manager of Westphal's IT Department does in his free time. Hint: His creations flash and go very, very fast.
OUT for Work Steinbright Goes All Out For LGBTQ Job Seekers
Steinbright Career Development Center this year partnered with OUT for Work, a national certification program to help enhance LGBTQ career resources for students in higher education.
Mosquito In the Red
As malaria continues to kill nearly 700,000 people worldwide, College of Medicine researcher Akhil Vaidya admits the challenges are enormous—but continues to work to eradicate the disease.
Intercultural Community Bridge Program Drexel’s Intercultural Community Bridge Program Seeks New Members
Do you enjoy meeting new people and learning about different cultures? Drexel University’s Intercultural Community Bridge program, now in its second year, is looking for caring and open-minded members of the Drexel community to share their knowledge of Philadelphia’s people, culture and lifestyle with Drexel International Gateway students.
cyclists Drexel Wins National Well Workplace Gold Award
The Wellness Council of America has awarded Drexel University the Well Workplace Gold Award for fully embracing its responsibility to maximize the health and well being of its employees.
Dornsifes Time, Talent, Treasure—and the Trenches
LeBow College of Business alumna Dana Dornsife and her husband David not only have a name that’s well known in the Drexel community—they have a hands-on approach to philanthropy that has guided their roles as catalysts in communities and in individuals’ lives.
chris diaz Veterans Association Steps Up Action to Serve Students
If you’ve ever been on Drexel’s campus in the summer, chances are you’ve seen new student orientation. It’s hard to miss the #NSO signs plastered across campus, the crowds sitting on the grass at Buckley Field or the hundreds of teenagers strolling the sidewalks. But you’ve never seen a new student veterans orientation before, until now.
Diana Lease Student Updates Tour Schedules for Beyoncé, John Mayer at Groovy Co-op
Just planning to go to a concert can be a headache. Can you imagine what goes into planning the actual event? Diana Lease, a senior in the Music Industry program in Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, is getting her very own taste as a touring and events intern at Columbia Records.
Anna Jaworski The Inevitably Rising Tide
Sea level rise is a global problem with local consequences. Drexel’s Anna Jaworski is working to help officials along the Delaware Bay make smart decisions about coastal development.
40 under 40 cover Nominate a Rising Star: Drexel Magazine’s 40 Under 40
Now is your chance to turn the spotlight on outstanding young alum by nominating someone you know for Drexel Magazine’s second annual 40 Under 40 edition.
Italian prints New Exhibit: Italian Prints, Drawings From the 16th Through 18th Centuries
Drexel University is fortunate to have approximately 100 Italian prints and drawings from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries in The Drexel Collection, the University’s private collection of artwork and artifacts.
Danielle Rice Delaware Art Museum Executive Director Danielle Rice Joins Drexel as Inaugural Museum Leadership Program Director
Delaware Art Museum Executive Director Dr. Danielle Rice has been appointed director of the new museum leadership graduate degree program in Drexel University’s Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, which will launch in September 2013.
Tish Calvarese and Bilal Farnum Talking About a Teen Work Experience: WorkReady at Drexel
This week marks the end of the Philadelphia Youth Network’s 2013 WorkReady Internship program, which placed teens in paid work experiences across the city for the summer.
Drexel Biomedical Engineer Helps Locate the Brain's GPS
Using direct human brain recordings, a research team from Drexel University, the University of Pennsylvania, UCLA and Thomas Jefferson University has identified a new type of cell in the brain that helps people to keep track of their relative location while navigating an unfamiliar environment.
students studying Helping Freshmen Find Their Footing
This fall, Drexel will launch a pilot program to help freshmen transition into college.
Ultrasound Wound Healing
In hopes of helping patients suffering from extremely slow-healing injuries, called chronic wounds, researchers from Drexel’s School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems and College of Medicine are taking a new approach to using ultrasound as a healing tool. By dialing down the energy level on therapeutic ultrasound, similar to that used to treat athletes’ muscle and ligament injuries, the team is finding a solution that could give the body’s natural healing process a boost and could save patients a great deal of time, money and suffering.