Renata Carneiro For Grad Student, Philadelphia a Launchpad for International Career
Not only does international graduate student Renata Carneiro have an eye for some of society’s most unnoticed issues—she sees them through a global lens.
Photo of Keith Orris, Drexel's new senior vice president for corporate relations and economic development Keith Orris to Lead Drexel's Corporate Relations and Economic Development
Drexel University has appointed Lancaster General Health Senior Vice President Keith A. Orris as senior vice president for Corporate Relations and Economic Development, a new position that will play a key role in realizing the vision of Drexel’s new strategic plan. Orris will join the University on October 15.
Hurricane Isaac Q&A with Scott Knowles: The Politics of Hurricane Isaac
The level of destruction to the southern U.S. is not the only aftermath many Americans are awaiting from the storm dubbed Isaac.
Roger Dennis What I’m Reading: Roger J. Dennis
Earle Mack School of Law Dean Roger Dennis took advantage of some free time on a recent vacation and read Clarence Darrow: Attorney for the Damned by John A. Farrell.
d-s solar cell Dye-sensitized solar panel research
Solar panels, like those commonly perched atop house roofs or in sun-drenched fields, quietly harvesting the sun’s radiant energy, are one of the standard-bearers of the green energy movement. But could they be better – more efficient, durable and affordable? That’s what engineers from Drexel University and The University of Pennsylvania are trying to find out, with the aid of a little nanotechnology and a lot of mathematical modeling.
Alison Novak What I'm Reading: Alison Novak
Drexel's Alison Novak is currently reading Slouching Toward Adulthood: Observations From the Not-So-Empty Nest by Sally Koslow. She spoke with DrexelNow about the book and how it approaches children who return home after college through a refreshingly humorous lens.
Marrett Drexel’s Convocation to Mark the 2012-13 Academic Year
This year, Dr. Cora B. Marrett, deputy director of the National Science Foundation, will serve as the keynote speaker.
Eric Zillmer Q&A with Dr. Eric Zillmer: Lance Armstrong’s Legacy
Drexel's Dr. Eric Zillmer talked to DrexelNow about why Armstrong—whose perseverance through cancer to athletic excellence has yielded him to many as an American hero—could ultimately be erased from the history books.
Constitution Hall Pass Logo Drexel Partners with National Constitution Center to Create Free Webcast on the Presidency
Drexel University’s Learning Technologies Group in the School of Education worked in partnership with the National Constitution Center to create a free webcast, Constitution Hall Pass: The Presidency, in celebration of the U.S. Constitution’s milestone 225th anniversary. The webcast, the latest edition of the National Constitution Center’s Constitution Hall Pass series, will be available starting Monday, September 10, at
Topping out ceremony - LeBow Topping Out Ceremony Marks Major Construction Milestone for Drexel’s New Business Center
The new building, set to open in fall 2013, will change the face of Drexel and Market Street.
Olympic Park Drexel Students Travel to London Paralympic Games
Nine Drexel University students will travel to London from August 31 through September 8 to see the 2012 Paralympic Games, as part of the travel-integrated course “Perspectives on Disability,” the fourth course in the Great Works Symposium 2012 Series.
iBE setup PEF breast cancer detection technology DoH grant
Physicians could soon have a new, noninvasive and radiation-free option when it comes to performing regular breast exams. A hand-held device, using technology developed at Drexel University, that can detect cancer by sensing the elasticity of breast tissue is moving into the final stages of testing and development with help from a Pennsylvania Department of Health grant.
Emily Wortman Co-op Takes Drexel Student to a Magic Kingdom
Business administration senior Emily Wortman knew her entire life she wanted to work for the Walt Disney Company. She never imagined she'd do it before graduating from college.
Robert Stokes What I'm Reading: Robert Stokes
DrexelNow checked in with Stokes to find out why he picked up The Neighborhood Project: Using Evolution to Improve My City, One Block at a Time by David Sloan Wilson.
Giant pandas. Photo by Zhang Zhihe. Giant Panda Conservation Researchers from China to Speak at Drexel
Three leading scientists involved in the conservation of giant pandas at the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base in Chengdu, China will present a mini-symposium, “Biology and Conservation of the Giant Panda,” at Drexel University on August 22.
Image of LeBow College of Business New Building under construction Topping Out Ceremony Major Construction Milestone for Drexel's LeBow College of Business
The new building, set to open in fall 2013, will change the face of Drexel and Market Street.
Jonh Kounios Q&A with John Kounios: The 'Aha! Moment'
Drexel's Dr. John Kounios recently discussed with DrexelNow his nominated topic, “The neuroscience behind epiphanies," for the 2013 TED Conference.
Dr. Chuck Williams Drexel Professor Teaches Life Skills to Foster Youth
Thirty ninth-grade students from Arise Academy Charter High School, the only charter school for foster youth in the country, will receive individual mentoring and social skills training through a new partnership with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of SoutheasternPennsylvania. Students will also receive additional life-skills training from Dr. Chuck Williams, a professor in Drexel University’s School of Education and a2012Stoneleigh Fellow, who is himself a former foster youth.
Michelle Martucci Engineering Student Makes Time for World Travel
For many of Drexel’s engineering students, studying abroad seems impossible with such a full schedule of fast-paced classes and demanding homework. But Michelle Martucci made it a point to have this experience during her college career.
Oren Eisenberg Co-op Experience Helps Drexel Senior Solidify Career Path
Senior Oren Eisenberg knew as a freshman that he wanted to focus on healthcare marketing. To be sure, he completed three co-op cycles in the industry to find out what inspired him the most.
microchip network Wireless Network-on-Chip
“Location, location, location”: That age-old key to successful real estate investing has also been the driving mantra in microchip architecture. But with space on the tiny silicon chips at a premium, as demand for faster, smaller technology increases, engineers at Drexel University could be adding “bandwidth” and “frequency” to the chip design paradigm by adding wireless antennas to the chips.
Photo by Matthew Ragan Grad Student Masters Art of Juggling Work and School
In between juggling acts at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Va., this summer, Wall tells DrexelNow about how he’s able to balance life as a Drexel student and as the second best juggler in the world.
Museum visitor examines butterfly and moth specimens during Bug Fest. Academy Celebrates Bugs in August With Nature's Assassins and Bug Fest
Dozens of live deadly scorpions, notorious black widow spiders, and giant centipedes will be on special display throughout August, as the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University celebrates its Bicentennial with bug month. The creepy crawly experience really ratchets up Aug. 11 and 12 with the 5th annual Bug Fest celebration.
STEM Camp 2012 Drexel and PECO Host Educational Camp for Local Children
Drexel recently partnered with PECO to provide a new educational opportunity for rising fifth graders in the Mantua and Powelton Village communities who are interested in STEM careers.
Andrea Forte Q&A with Andrea Forte: Social Media Campaigns
DrexelNow spoke with Dr. Andrea Forte, assistant professor at the iSchool, about a recent Twitter hoax aimed at Shell Oil and what it means for social media usage.
MM-UAV gantry testing Engineers adding arms to unmanned aerial vehicles
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), such as those used by the military for surveillance and reconnaissance, could be getting a hand –and an arm– from engineers at Drexel University as part of a National Science Foundation grant to investigate adding dexterous limbs to the aircrafts. The project, whose subject harkens to the hovering android iconography of sci-fi movies, could be a step toward the use of UAVs for emergency response and search and rescue scenarios.
Ken Lacovara What I'm Reading: Ken Lacovara
DrexelNow pulled Dr. Ken Lacovara, paleontologist and associate professor of biology in the College of Arts and Sciences, from his work in a marl pit in Gloucester County, NJ, to find out what he’s currently reading. He just finished The Map That Changed the World by Simon Winchester.
Olympic rowing scene Kaspryzk and the U.S. Men's 8 Narrowly Miss the Bronze in Olympic Final
Germany, unbeaten in three years and the favorite leading into the Olympic Games, crossed the finish line first with a time for a gold medal, Canada claimed a silver medal followed by Great Britain with the bronze.
Joseph Hughes Joseph B. Hughes: Leading Drexel's College of Engineering
As Dean of the College of Engineering, Dr. Joseph B. Hughes aims to create a “culture of planning,” but one of the biggest decisions in his life arrived through serendipity.