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Academic Records

Your academic record at Drexel covers many important areas, including grades, academic standing, and transcripts. Understanding how Drexel assigns grades, the steps to viewing your grades, ordering transcripts, and how credit is earned for your academic program are all important for your success and prioritizing your goals. 

Additionally, the University regards confidentiality as a priority, especially when it comes to your student record. Because Drexel maintains your personal and academic information, we protect your record in accordance with all federal regulatory agencies. As such, we also recognize that there are times when parents and other individuals need to take part in important discussions regarding your record and when your personal identification information has changed and needs to be updated.

Let us help you navigate these important guidelines so that you are informed and can take the proper action when necessary.

  • Grades – Learn how grades are assigned, the formula for calculating your GPA, and official policies regarding grade reporting and changes.
  • Academic Transcripts – See how to view your unofficial transcript and order copies of your official transcript.
  • Accessing Student Records (FERPA) – Learn about your rights regarding the maintenance of the privacy of your records and how to grant access to family members.
  • Updating Personal Information – Determine how to update your name, Social Security number, and other personal information when needed.
  • Degree Verification – Get information on how third parties, such as prospective employers, can request verification of your degree information.

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