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Leica Stellaris 5 Confocal Microscope

Leica Stellaris 5 confocal microscope with Lightning Super-Resolution is in PISB 408​.

Leica Stellaris 5 confocal microscopeThis point scanning confocal microscope uses a DMi8 inverted stand with a tandem scanner, 4 Power HyD spectral detectors, 6 laser lines and 3 objectives. The tandem scanning system for STELLARIS allows user to switch between resonant and galvanometric scanners for high speed and high-resolution imaging, respectively. The 8kHz resonant scanner and a scanning stage super z provides gentler laser exposure due to shorter pixel dwell times and faster frames per second. The system is equipped with a high precession motorized state and a tokai hit STX stage top incubator maintains the humidity CO2 and temperature for overnight live imaging. The system are equipped with AFC (adaptive focus control) to hold focus during long timelapse imaging DIC acquisition is possible with the 20x and 60x objectives. This microscope is ideal for 2D or 3D visualization and quantification of specimens ranging from single cells and tissues to small organisms. 

LIGHT SOURCES​LED3 Light Output Chart

  • Halogen lamp for bright-field microscopy (white light illumination) ​
    • a contrast image of the specimen can be directly observed through the eyepiece. DIC microscopy possible through eyepiece only on 20X and 60X objectives ​
  • Leica LED3 lamp for direct visualization of fluorescent specimens through the eyepiece (390-680nm range)​

Laser Lines

  • 405 nm for DAPI staining 
  • 448 nm for CFP
  • 488 nm for GFP / FITC / Alexa 488 / Cy2 
  • 514 nm for YFP
  • 561 nm for mCherry / TRITC / Cy3 
  • 638 nm for Alexa 647 / Cy5 


Tandem Scanner
FOV Scanner: 10 FPS@512x512
8kHz Resoance: 28FPS@512x512


  • HC PL APO 10x/0.4NA air, 
  • HC PL APO 20x/0.75NA multi-immersion and 
  • HC PL APO 63x/ 1.4NA CS2 oilLeica Power HyD S


4 Power HyD-S detector that can detect 410 nm - 850 nm. 


LAS X STELLARIS Control Software, including:

  • Dye Finder
  • 3D Visualization
  • Lightning Expert