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Drexel Writing Center

University Writing Program

Undergraduate students can easily arrange to meet online or in-person with the Drexel Writing Center's peer readers.

The Drexel Writing Center supports all members of our Drexel University community to develop as writers. We offer access to free, confidential consultations on writing projects, from interpreting assignments to planning to drafting and editing. We provide individualized support for any task –assignments, personal statements, scholarly articles for publication and personal projects– from brainstorming to final revision. In addition, the center helps to integrate writing and the teaching of writing into the curriculum.

The center, hosted within the University Writing Program, encourages students, faculty and staff to write and learn about writing by thinking through and developing various writing projects, primarily through one-on-one consultations with peer readers, graduate writing consultants and faculty readers.

The Drexel Writing Center is a proud member of the Drexel ARC (Academic Resource Center), which offers an integrated hub of academic support services for all Drexel students.

We offer in-person and online appointments. Please contact Kendall Griffin, Operations Manager, with any questions about appointments by emailing or by calling 215.895.6633.

The Drexel Writing Center

Location and Hours

Korman Center – Room 100
15 South 33rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104


  • Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday: Limited hours.

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Our Approach

Statement of Anti-Racist Pedagogy

This statement is both an act of scholarship and an invitation. It was written collaboratively, over years of reading, writing, conversation, and thoughtful reflection on race and language. We see it as an invitation to you, the reader, a member of the Drexel community, to join us in antiracist work. We believe that, though talking about race can be difficult, it is necessary if we seek to create more equitable spaces.

We offer you a way of seeing how antiracist values and actions operate in the writing center. We invite you to converse with us about race, language, and anti-racist pedagogy. We see that conversation in the context of structural racism1 and are concerned with the policies and practices that create inequity which we all have a responsibility to address.

While we believe these issues have always been urgent, recent national events have shown that we all bear the responsibility to address systemic racism in the contexts in which we live. Please read the full statement to join us in doing so.

Read the full statement

Peer Reader Program – For undergraduate students

Drexel undergraduate students from many majors staff the Peer Reader program. Through rigorous coursework and ongoing training, Drexel’s Peer Readers are highly skilled in helping their undergraduate peers to grow as writers. The Peer Reader approach focuses on collaborative learning and the social construction of knowledge. In addition, Peer Readers are trained in and focus on anti-racist pedagogy in their practice.

Peer Readers meet with students in one-to-one conferences that can take place in the Drexel Writing Center or online in synchronous appointments that utilize audio/video, chat functions and document editing capabilities.

Walk-ins are always welcome, but we encourage you to make an appointment to meet with a Peer Reader.

Meet Our Peer Readers

Graduate Writing Consultants Program – For graduate students

Drexel graduate students from various areas of expertise help to staff the Graduate Writing Consultants program. Consultants are skilled in working with essential projects such as theses, dissertations and articles for submission to peer-reviewed journals. They are also adept at working through the difficulties graduate students often encounter as novices in their professional genres. As busy pre-professionals, consultants know graduate students' barriers and concerns, which allows them to provide informed support and feedback that helps students accomplish and often surpass their writing goals.

Graduate Writing Consultants meet with their peers in one-to-one conferences that take place in the Drexel Writing Center or online in synchronous appointments that utilize audio/video, chat functions and document editing capabilities.

While walk-ins are welcome, we encourage you to make an appointment since our Graduate Writing Consultants are in high demand.

Large Project Consulting Program

Have you got a large project like a term paper or dissertation?

Our Graduate Writing Consultants now offer free, long-term appointments for all Drexel graduate students working on large projects like dissertations. Get matched with a Graduate Writing Consultant who will work with you weekly, in-person or remotely, over an extended time to develop your long-term writing project.

The Drexel Writing Center will make your appointments, saving time and helping keep you on track. To get started or for more information, please email Elizabeth Kimball, Director of the University Writing Program, at

Meet Our Writing Consultants

Frequently Asked Questions

The Drexel Writing Center philosophy is rooted in the belief that all writers benefit from discussing their work. These conversations about writing are often collaborative and spur critical thinking. Writing center consultants are highly trained professionals who will provide a close and essential reading of your efforts and give you honest feedback based on their observations and your goals.

Our staff comprises undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and professional tutors from diverse disciplines, which help to make the center a place where readers and writers from different backgrounds can learn from each other.

We believe that members of the Drexel community are hard-working and talented; we respect your right to make any final choices about your writing.

Do I need to have a finished draft to visit the center?

No, you don’t need to have a finished draft. The Drexel Writing Center will meet you wherever you are in the writing process—brainstorming, researching, outlining, drafting, revising, or copy editing. Just show up and work with us: we love writing at all stages.

Is an online appointment just as good as an in-person appointment?

Online appointments can utilize your computer’s microphone and camera during a session, similar to a Skype session. Meetings take place with the same readers who would conduct in-person sessions. In addition, you can use chat and both writer and reader can revise the document within the online module. They closely mimic the intimacy of face-to-face appointments and are most appropriate for students who cannot visit the main campus.

Can I make more than one appointment?

Undergraduate students can make up to two appointments per week. Graduate students may make one appointment per week. They can schedule appointments at any time that is most convenient for you.

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We're Hiring – Join Our Team

Undergraduate Peer Readers

Are you interested in your fellow students' ideas and learning to become a more critical reader and writer? Then the Peer Reader position in the Drexel Writing Center may be a good fit for you. The first step in becoming a Peer Reader is taking the training course WRIT 210: The Peer Reader in Context, offered in the fall, winter and spring terms. Taking WRIT 210 also fulfills a Writing Intensive course requirement. The course is intellectually challenging and focuses on your development as a reader and writer. We invite all students who complete WRIT 210 to interview for a position as a Peer Reader in the Drexel Writing Center.

If you have questions about this position, please email Janel McCloskey, Program Manager, Drexel Writing Center, at

Graduate Writing Consultants

The Graduate Writing Consultants program offers peer support in writing at the graduate level. If you are a graduate student and are interested in working with your peers on the higher level, challenging writing that graduate students engage in, please email Janel McCloskey, Program Manager, Drexel Writing Center, at

Operations Manager Co-Op

The Drexel Writing Center Operations Manager role is available as a co-op position. The position is responsible for day-to-day of the management of the center. In addition, the operations manager oversees larger projects for the Drexel Writing Center and the University Writing Program. If you are a Drexel student interested in this co-op position, we encourage you to apply through the Steinbright Career Development Center.