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Drexel Garage Parking for Permit Holders

For a Drexel Garage permit holder, parking is as easy as swiping your DragonCard; however, below are frequently asked questions that may help you, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. A DragonCard with a valid and paid parking permit is required to enter and exit the garage.

Please use the scanner directly next to the touch screen (example below), which is marked with a yellow arrow. (Please note: the gray card reader will be removed soon as we work to finish recent technology upgrades).

Yes, please scan your card once upon every entrance and every exit. In the unlikely event that the entrance/exit arm is open, still scan your card to ensure there is no issue with scanning into or out of the garage again later.

Drexel Parking Services has tried hard to ensure there are no issues with your experience. In the unlikely event this occurs, however, kindly pull a ticket and contact for a resolution.

Scan your card once at the exit kiosk. The scan will allow both the arm and the roll gate to lift. If you need assistance, press the Help Button on the kiosk to contact the 24/7 Parking Call Center.

Accidents happen! Take a ticket at the entrance kiosk and stop into the Parking Services Office in the lobby of the General Services Building (open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.) or send an email to so we can manually update your record and validate the ticket for a "free" exit. To replace a lost DragonCard, visit the Lost Cards and Replacements page. Drexel Parking Services may only extend the "free" exit one time per permit holder per term.

All University-owned vehicles now have a card or transponder within the vehicle that will trigger the entrance and exit gates to open. This vehicle-specific card/transponder must be used to enter/exit the garage.