Use Your DragonCard

The DragonCard is the official University ID card for students, faculty and professional staff and must always be carried while on any of the University's campuses. A DragonCard is used to:

Care for Your DragonCard

It is important to take care of your DragonCard for it to work properly.

  • Do not punch holes in or deface your DragonCard. Your card contains a "smart" chip inside that grants access to campus buildings through electronic card readers.
  • Store your DragonCard in a secure location, such as a wallet or handbag and away from other magnetic cards that may deactivate the card.
  • Lanyards and other cardholders are often helpful – Barnes & Noble at Drexel University locations have a variety of options.

Manage Your DragonCard

GET and DrexelOne Mobile Apps

Use either app for quick, convenient and contactless management of your DragonCard and DragonDollars.

Learn More About GET and DrexelOne Mobile Apps

Expiration Dates

When your DragonCard is issued, it is issued with an expiration date. If your DragonCard is near or past expiration, please visit a DragonCard office location to validate that your card is still active. Upon validation, you will receive a new expiration sticker to affix to your card.

Contact Us

  • For DragonCard Services inquiries, complete our simple inquiry form.
  • Customer Service Response Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET
  • Visit AskDrexel to view answers to frequently asked questions or to submit your own.

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