Manage Your Card and Add Funds

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Use the GET portal or GET mobile app to manage your DragonCard, add DragonDollars to your Campus Dining Plan, report a lost card, and more.

Lost Cards and Replacements

Lost Cards

Please report and deactivate a lost DragonCard immediately. To do this, log in to the GET portal using your DrexelOne login credentials. Select "I Lost My Card" in the Quicklinks section of the portal and follow the instructions. You may also contact the DragonCard Office.

If your card is found and you would like to reactivate your card, you must visit a DragonCard Office. You cannot reactivate a card in the GET portal.

Replacement Cards

A $20 fee is required for replacement DragonCards. Payment is due at the time of replacement via cash, credit/debit or DragonDollars. Replacement cards can be purchased at any DragonCard office during normal business hours. This fee cannot be applied to a student's Drexel eBill.

This fee applies for all replacement cards, including those issued for loss, theft or name change.

A new photo is required for each new card issued.

Contact Us

  • For DragonCard Services inquiries, complete our simple inquiry form.
  • Customer Service Response Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET
  • Visit AskDrexel to view answers to frequently asked questions or to submit your own.

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