Visit ParkDrexel, under the Campus and Community tab of DrexelOne to register for a parking permit.

Get or Renew a Parking Permit

New Term Parking Permits

New Term Parking Permits (Semester and Quarterly) are available for purchase by Drexel University students, faculty and professional staff starting the Monday of break week prior to the new term or semester start.

Permit Rates

Annual Parking Permits

Drexel Employees have the option to purchase an annual parking permit. Registrations are accepted on a rolling basis. Annual permits expire week 10 during the summer quarter (University City) and the last week of the academic semester (Queen Lane). For both University City and Queen Lane, the renewal period opens in June of each year for the upcoming permit year.

Anyone who does not renew their parking permit during the open renewal period must purchase a new permit.

Renewal and Sale Dates

Term Parking Permit Renewals

A Parking Permit renewal is considered a renewal only if the same parking lot and parking permit type are selected. Renewals occur weeks 9 and 10 of the preceding term. Individuals with parking permits will receive an email notice sent to their Drexel email accounts with renewal instructions. Please review Renewal and Sales Dates for more information. Visit the Permit Rates webpage for pricing information.

Annual Parking Permit Renewal

Renewals occur weeks 9 and 10 of the summer term. After the open renewal period is complete, permits that are not renewed will be made available for purchase. Anyone who does not renew their permit during the open renewal period must purchase a new permit. Please review Renewal and Sales Dates for more information.

Accessible Parking

Those who require accessible parking must receive an accommodation from the Disability Resources office and then may purchase the Drexel parking permit.

Acceptable Payment

Please complete the checkout process in ParkDrexel. You can access ParkDrexel in DrexelOne, under the Campus and Community tab. Log in using your Drexel User ID (abc123) and password. You may pay online with a credit card or choose to pay in person. If you opt to pay in person, first complete the online process in ParkDrexel and then you will be given the option to select your payment preference.

Drexel faculty and professional staff have the additional option of requesting payroll deduction at the time of checkout.

Keep Your Vehicle Information Up-to-Date

Your vehicle information (make, year, color, license plate) is unique to your permit. If you need to make changes, you can do so via ParkDrexel. If you experience an extenuating circumstance (such as use of a rental vehicle), you must notify Drexel Parking Services. 

Contact Us

Drexel Parking Services

University City Campus
Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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