Parking Lot Locations and Map

University City Campus

This map hosted on MapHub displays the Drexel University parking lot/garage locations on the University City Campus. Parking lot information for the Queen Lane Campus is listed at the bottom of this page.

Lot Name Location Directions
Lot A 3210 Chestnut Street
Behind Creese Student Center/Chestnut Square
Turn right off Chestnut Street, onto 32nd Street. Entrance is on the right-hand side.
Lot C 3500 Filbert Street Entrance is on the right.
Lot D 217 North 35th Street

Entrance is on the right.

NOTE: Only parking spaces that are marked and numbered are part of Lot D.

Lot E South 33rd Street
Between Walnut and Chestnut Streets
Permit Parking Only
Entrance is on 33rd Street, right-hand side, approximately halfway between Walnut and Chestnut Streets.
Lot G (Parking Garage) 3300 Market Street
Entrance is on Ludlow Street
Entrance at the corner of 34th and Ludlow Streets. The entrance to the University City Parking Services Office is located in this building via the Market Street entrance.
Lot H N. Natrona and Winter Streets Entrance at the intersection of N. Natrona and Winters Streets.
Lot J 32nd and Cherry Streets
Permit Parking Only
Entrance is on North 32nd Street, immediately past the intersection of 32nd and Cherry Streets.
Lot K Warren Street
Between 34th and 36th Streets
Permit Parking Only
Entrance is on Warren Street on the left-hand side.
Lot R Arch Street
Between 33rd and 34th Streets
Entrance is on Arch Street, behind Towers Hall.
Lot S 115 North 32nd Street Located behind 115 North 32nd Street. Entrance is on the right-hand side, between Lancaster Avenue and Cuthbert Streets.
Lot V 31st and Baring Streets
Permit Parking Only
Entrance is on 31st Street, on the left, just past the intersection of 31st and Baring Streets.
Lot W 33rd and Cherry Streets The entrance is located on 33rd Street. It is on the right hand side, just past Drexel Pizza. Lot W features two FLASH Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.
 The Summit 3421 Warren Street
Permit Parking Only
 Garage entrance is 3421 Warren Street (please note that The Summit address is 3400 Lancaster Avenue).

Daily Parking Rates | Permit Parking Rates

Queen Lane Campus

The Queen Lane Campus Parking Lot is located at 2900 Queen Lane and is accessible through the main entrance of the Queen Lane Campus.

This location accepts both permit and daily parking. Daily parking can be paid via scanning the Parking QR code sign that posted at the lot.