Banner Navigation

This is navigation training for all Banner Student and Admissions module users and is REQUIRED as a pre-requisite for a banner account and for Student Information and Advising Banner training.

For Banner Finance training, please contact

For Banner Human Resources training, please contact

🆕  Banner 9 Navigation Guide (PDF)

🆕  Banner 9 - Quick Tour (Video)

Basic General Student Banner Access (PDF)

Banner Navigation training is now offered online. Please complete the following steps to watch the video tutorial and to gain access to application.

1. Watch the training video on Banner Navigation

This tutorial includes:

  • Logging into the application
  • Navigating through the application
  • Searching for Banner pages
  • Searching for student records
  • Exiting pages
  • Logging out of the application


Having trouble viewing the embedded video? Click here to access it on Drexel Streams.

2. Request your Banner Account

>> Electronic Request Form

This request form will ask you for some basic information required to create your account. This also includes a brief quiz as a review of the material demonstrated in the video tutorial.

Your account will not be created until you complete this form and submit the results.

3. Access Banner

Once your account has been created, you can access Banner. To log-in, simply enter your DrexelOne username and password.