Slate Admission Trainings

Slate is used by all admission offices within the University, and training is required to gain access to the system. Training is available to staff and faculty participating in recruitment and admissions activities at the University.  

There are three types of training offered:

  • General User Training: This training is designed for most staff and faculty seeking access to Slate. Attendees will learn general navigation and application review in Slate.
  • Readmission Training: This training is designed for academic advisors and faculty who participate in the readmission process for undergraduate and/or graduate students. Attendees will learn general navigation, application review, and the readmission process. This training is co-facilitated by AIS and Admissions.
  • EMSS Admissions, Operations, Enrollment Strategic Partnerships (Communications & Marketing), and Drexel Central: Individual trainings are offered for staff members in these offices and include an overview of Banner Admissions. Submit a training request to schedule a 1-hour individual Slate training. For users that require Banner Admissions access, training is offered online. After you watch the video, you will submit an access request form and complete a brief quiz that reviews the material in the tutorial.

Visit the Slate training calendar to see available dates and times. All trainings are conducted via Zoom.