Introducing Banner 9

The Banner 9 environment is now available to all current Banner users.

We are encouraging all current Banner users to learn about the new user interface and navigation functionality prior to accessing Banner 9. Please take a few moments and view the Banner 9 Training Video.

Existing Banner users can access Banner 9 at

Note: Most forms that begin with SZ or GZ are currently unavailable in Banner 9, but will be accessible prior to the December transition.  AIS will update effected users when those forms are available in the new environment.  Until that time, they are still accessible in Banner 8 (INB).

Additional Information about Banner 9:

Banner 9 is a major upgrade to the Banner Student System that must be completed by December 2018.

According to Ellucian, “Banner 9 by Ellucian is no ordinary upgrade. It delivers a fresh user experience, all-new tools, and significantly improved capabilities across Banner, driving new efficiencies so you can focus on student success.”

Here are some features you can look forward to in Banner 9:

  • Updated Look-and-Feel - Banner 9 delivers a more modern and user-friendly interface.
  • Choose Your Web Browser – With Banner 9, you can use any modern web browser, removing the reliance on Internet Explorer.
  • CAS Authentication - No need to maintain a separate Banner password! You will sign-in using your Drexel Connect (DrexelOne) authentication.

*Now Available* Filtering on SSASECQ and SFASCRE

New functionality has been added to these two pages to allow you to set grids, filters and pagination to your liking.

Grid and Column preferences by section, block or tab – users can:

  • Re-size and re-order column widths
  • Column freeze/unfreeze
  • Re-order columns that you want to freeze or unfreeze
  • Column header stays fixed for easy viewing
  • Once changes have been made to layout, you may go to Settings in block menu to Save or Remove changes you made


Pagination preferences by section, block or tab – users can:

  • Persist the number of records displayed, as available to you in the drop-down box within the pagination bar


Filter preferences by section, block or tab – users can:

  • Save Basic or Advanced filter mode as your default setting
  • Save filter field list and field order
  • Save operator values for the fields selected
  • Save specific data values for the fields selected

Previously: Filters were NOT useful in searching for courses.

Updated: Added filter fields, rearranged order of fields.


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