DegreeWorks is the university's official application for tracking course completion (i.e., progress to degree) and clearing students for graduation. Faculty and staff responsible for advising and/or clearing students should complete training to gain access to the application. DegreeWorks training is offered online and is entirely self-paced. To request access to DegreeWorks, please complete the following steps.

  1. Watch the DegreeWorks Overview video
  2. Can't see the Overview video? Click Here.

  3. Watch the DegreeWorks Exceptions video
  4. Can't see the Exceptions video? Click Here.

  5. Watch the DegreeWorks Plans video
  6. Can't see the Plans video? Click Here.

  7. Take the DegreeWorks Review quiz
  8. After you watch the 3 videos above, you will need to complete a short 15-question quiz (multiple choice) to gain access to the application. Click the link below to start the quiz.

    DegreeWorks Quiz

    Once finished, two emails will be sent. You will receive an email acknowledging that you have completed the quiz, and we (Academic Information & Systems) will receive an email with all of your information. Please allow us 1 to 2 business days to create your account. Once your account has been created, we will contact you with instruction on how to access the application.


DegreeWorks Documentation

DegreeWorks Overview For Advisors


DegreeWorks FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions