faculty member with class The Physician Assistant (PA) Program is for those individuals who desire initial training to prepare for the physician assistant profession. This program provides the "basic training" necessary to become a physician assistant healthcare professional practitioner. The training provided is required to qualify for national certification and licensure to practice as a physician assistant.

The PA Post-Professional Master's Program is for those who have completed an accredited physician assistant program. The goal is to enhance basic physician assistant skills and to mentor students in areas of study beyond those offered in entry-level physician assistant programs. Completion of this program provides the physician assistant with graduate-level educational credentials for career advancement as well as in-depth studies in any of a diverse group of health-related disciplines.


Physician Assistant Master's Program. >>

As a PA, you will complement the practice style of the supervising physician or physicians.

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The PA Post-Professional Master's Program. >>

Receive personalized professional development through an adult learner model.