Overview of Undergraduate Nursing Studies

Drexel offers three distinct baccalaureate nursing programs plus one advanced option that can meet your personal needs:

racially diverse nursing students

Reserve your place in our highly competitive advanced tracks.

Academically excellent students in the Drexel University B.S.N. Co-op or ACE programs may be eligible for the M.S.N. Early Assurance Program, an accelerated pathway to the MSN. 

If you are entering the final year of the Drexel B.S.N. Co-op Program or entering the fourth quarter of the ACE program, this program permits you to apply for admission to the M.S.N. program and have your place reserved in our highly competitive advanced practice and advanced nursing tracks.

Bachelor's programs in nursing tailored to the individual.

The Co-op provides an integrated M.S.N. track while you are enrolled as a student at Drexel.

If you are accepted you can take core M.S.N. courses immediately after graduation and licensure. After completing the necessary hours or years of experience as a registered nurse, you can enter the clinical or practicum sequence in the M.S.N. specialty track.


Co-Operative Bachelor of Science in Nursing. >>

A general nursing program to prepare you for licensure as a registered nurse.


Accelerated Career Entry (ACE) for Bachelor's of Science in Nursing.>>

Already earned a bachelor's degree in another field? Change careers and become a registered nurse.


R.N./B.S.N. Completion Program. >>

Advance your nursing education and earn a bachelor's degree in nursing.


BSN Advanced Degree Pathways. >>

Academically qualified? You can earn both a bachelor's and advanced degrees—graduating sooner than you would in traditional programs.

The baccalaureate/master’s program at Drexel University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, One Dupont Circle, NW Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036 (202-887-6791