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Hiring Co-op Students

Drexel University's Cooperative Education program is one of the largest and most respected in the world.

Annually recognized by U.S. News & World Report to be among the best in the country, the Drexel Co-op model is based on major-related, paid professional employment for a duration of six months. View a breakdown of Drexel Co-op versus the traditional internship.

At Drexel, Co-op is who we are and what we do. Learn more about Drexel Co-op:

Drexel Co-op Meets Your Hiring Needs

Employers take part in the Drexel cooperative education experience for a host of short- and long-term benefits. Here are some examples of what you, the employer, will gain by hiring a Drexel Co-op student:

A High-Quality Employee

Drexel Co-op students gain on-the-job skills and knowledge during their work periods, allowing them to begin at a higher level of responsibility and productivity than inexperienced graduates.

A Source of Innovation

From their academic experience, Drexel Co-op students bring a fresh outlook and creative problem-solving skills to the workplace. As a result, they frequently offer perspectives and suggestions that lead to significant contributions to your company.

An Expansion of Your Company's Network

Drexel Co-op students offer you and your company the opportunity to become involved in the educational process. This interaction can lead to consulting opportunities, research projects, course development, and training. In addition to building good public relations, your company can make a significant contribution to a Drexel Co-op student's education.

A Favorable Outcome in Your Company's Labor Costs

Fringe benefits often consume 25 percent to 35 percent of personnel costs. These costs can be minimized by using Drexel Co-op students in appropriate positions.

Improved Employee Retention and Lower Recruitment Costs

When hired after graduation, Drexel Co-op students generally remain with employers longer than new entry-level employees.

Increased Cost-Effectiveness

According to a survey of 250 companies by the University of Cincinnati and the Mead Corporation, internships prove to be 73 percent more cost-effective over the first 21 months of full-time employment, saving more than $24,000 per intern hired.


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