Questions about International Co-op?

Are You Abroad and in Need of Assistance?

If you need immediate assistance, please call On-Call International, Drexel’s emergency assistance provider, at +1.603.952.2038.

To speak with someone from Drexel University, please call Drexel Public Safety at 215.895.2222.

Create Your Own International Co-op

A great way to spend time in another country is to combine a study abroad and an international co-op experience. 

If you have found your own international job or if you plan to do an independent search for a position abroad, you can apply now. Students must submit all required documentation three weeks prior to the scheduled first day of co-op for which the student is seeking to register their employment.

For assistance with your international co-op job search, contact your co-op advisor or the international co-op team.

Study + Co-op Option

Drexel's study abroad office offers some programs with a built-in co-op option. Students who choose this option may find it easier to search for a co-op placement while in-country, with assistance from the host university. Alternatively, students who participate in study abroad can search for their own international co-op opportunity to pursue once the study abroad program is complete. Find out more about Drexel's study abroad programs.

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